Research Support Technician (BSL III)

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Location: North Wilkesboro, NORTH CAROLINA
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Classification Title:
Research Support Technician (BSL III)  
Working Title:
Research Support Technician (BSL III)  
UNC-Chapel Hill  
Job Summary:
The Research Support Technician performs a variety of research support and husbandry duties. This position is responsible for the daily care of research animals including animal observation, handling, and restraint. Research support duties may include colony management, administering routine treatments as directed by veterinary/vet care staff, administering special feed and water, dosing, SQ IV, and sample collection. This position is also responsible for working in the presence of hazardous pathogens, performing all aspects of an experiment, laboratory and project management, making deductions from data, analyzing and preparing findings, and performing all aspects of animal care and laboratory techniques. Laboratory duties/methods may include: â?¢ Ensuring a safe working environment under BSL2 and BSL3 containment â?¢ Conducting all aspects of tissue culture, virus propagation, sterile technique, genotyping, and viral infection experiments â?¢ Performing clinical assessment/scoring, weighing, and necropsies of mice â?¢ Interpreting/analyzing current and previous samples collected from mice â?¢ Performing administrative work in directing and recording experiments â?¢ Developing and implementing molecular techniques/methods involving PCR, qRT-PCR, western blot, transfections, and cloning â?¢ Manipulating samples for DNA, RNA, and/or protein extraction Emergency duties required during adverse weather and/or other emergency situations. Holiday and weekend work required on a rotating basis.  
Minimum Qualifications:
Demonstrated possession of the competencies necessary to perform the work.  
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