Research Specialist

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Location: Chapel Hill, NORTH CAROLINA
Deadline: 17 Nov 2019

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Research Specialist  
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Research Specialist  
UNC-Chapel Hill  
Job Summary:
Position description: Assist core facility laboratory in electron microscopy sample preparation and imaging operations. Advise researchers on proper electron microscopy sample preparation methods and imaging techniques. Department description: The three coequal missions of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine are to: 1) provide exceptional, comprehensive, clinically effective and cost effective pathology and laboratory medicine services to UNC HealthCare patients; 2) teach clinical and scientific concepts of pathology and laboratory medicine, and mechanisms of disease to a wide variety of learners, including medical students, postdoctoral residents, MD fellows, PhD graduate students, and undergraduate students; and 3) advance the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine, and the knowledge of diseases and disease mechanisms through innovative research spanning the spectrum from basic to translational to clinical. The Department of Pathology and Lab Medicine performs anatomic and clinical diagnostic tests on both an inpatient and an outpatient basis, and performs autopsies, when requested by clinicians. The Department has a MD Residency Training Program in the Office of Graduate Medical Education. In the College of Arts and Sciences, the Department is responsible for the teaching of undergraduate level courses. In the Graduate School, the department has a graduate program in experimental pathology which offers both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. This department is devoted to research in many diverse areas of expertise. Many of the research initiatives are nationally and internationally known, and the Chair is dedicated to further expansion of the breadth of the research endeavors. Most research is wholly managed and funded by contracts and grants within the Department.  
Minimum Qualifications:
MINIMUM TRAINING & EXPERIENCE Bachelor?s degree in a discipline related to the area of assignment or an equivalent combination of training and/or related experience. Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: A successful candidate will have 5 years of experience in electron microscopy sample preparation, particularly ultramicrotomy, critical point drying and sputter coating. Candidates should also be comfortable with operation of a research grade transmission electron microscope and scanning electron microscope. Preferred Education and Experience: 10+ years preferred experience in electron microscopy sample preparation, particularly ultramicrotomy, critical point drying and sputter coating. Direct experience with a JEOL JEM 1230 transmission electron microscope and Zeiss SUPRA 25 scanning electron microscope.  
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