Research Specialist II, Biochemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology

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Location: Knoxville, TENNESSEE
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Research Specialist II, Biochemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology - 17000000G6 


 Pay Grade: 36
The Das Lab in the Department of Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology seek a motivated, goal-oriented, individual to fill the position of Research Specialist I. Responsibilities involve routine lab maintenance, data collection, interpretation, and documentation to support laboratory/research-related activities. The Das lab is interested in the organization of cytokinetic events using fission yeast, S. pombe as a model system. Currently our research focuses on unraveling spatiotemporal activation patterns of small Rho and Cdc42 GTPases during cytokinesis and investigating how spatiotemporal activation of small GTPases organizes different cytokinetic events. More details about the research are available in our recent publication in Molecular Biology of the Cell ( The lab is well equipped with a dedicated 2-D array confocal microscope. Research approaches mainly used in the lab include yeast genetics, live-cell imaging, protein dynamics, quantitative microscopy, and mathematical modeling approaches.
Job Functions:
• Will perform routine lab duties necessary for smooth running of the lab.
• Will perform experiments under supervision from PI.
• Assists in collection of information and data through observation, experimentation, interviewing, and other methods, including the use of electronic equipment and devices.
• Assists in the evaluation, analysis, and interpretation of collected data under the direction of higher-level research personnel.
• Compiles information into report form.
• Performs other duties as assigned.


 Minimum Qualifications:
Education: A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in a related field of biochemistry, genetics, or cell biology.
Experience: General knowledge of laboratory/research techniques, equipment, and terminology. Experience in microscopy is preferred but not essential.
Job Skill: Basic knowledge of biology, and familiarity with standard methods of analysis, and statistics.

Additional Information:

Please attach the following electronic documents to the application: Cover letter, resume, and the names, email addresses, and telephone numbers of at least three references.

  Research Technical 
Primary Location
  Biochem/Cell & Molec Biology 
Campus/Institute  Knoxville 
Job Posting
  Mar 30, 2017, 12:03:42 PM 

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