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Established in 1930, Duke University School of Medicine is the youngest of the nation’s top medical schools. Ranked tenth among its peers, the School takes pride in being an inclusive community of outstanding learners, investigators, clinicians, and staff where traditional barriers are low, interdisciplinary collaboration is embraced, and great ideas accelerate translation of fundamental scientific discoveries to improve humanhealth locally and around the globe.

Comprised of 2,400 faculty physicians and researchers, the Duke University School of Medicine along with the Duke University School of Nursing and Duke University Health System create Duke Health. Duke Health is a world-class health care network. Founded in 1998 to provide efficient, responsive care, the health system offers a full network of health services and encompasses Duke University Hospital, Duke Regional Hospital, Duke Raleigh Hospital, Duke Primary Care, Private Diagnostic Clinic, Duke Home and Hospice, Duke Health and Wellness, and multiple affiliations.

Research Scholar

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The Duke Brain Tumor ImmunotherapyProgram (DBTIP) has a singular, all-encompassing goal: to develop novel, safe,and effective immune-based therapies for patients with brain tumors. Our preclinicaland clinical projects are spearheaded by an outstanding complement of graduatestudents, medical students, research Scholars, postdoctoral fellows, and juniorand senior scientists ass embledunder the umbrella of the DBTIP.

Work Responsibilities

The Research Scholar position in the Duke Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Program willperform bench studies involving invitro and in vivo methodologies f or preclinical and clinical research. Inaddition, itwill provide oversi ghtofan active clinical research program fora multidisciplinary team inc luding the clinical research team at the BrainTumor Center, medical onco logist and principal investigators.

Preclinical Research - The ResearchScholar will be required to conduct in vitro and in vivo mouse studies,including: 1) in vitro culture ofhuman and mouse cancercells; 2) intracranial and subcut aneous injection/implantationof tumor cells into mice; 3) treatment of m ice with immunotherapies related tobrain tumor therapy; 4) collection of tissues from mice for follow up immune analyses;5) planning and prepara tion for molecular and immunological studies; and 6)preparation of study results for presentation.

PreclinicalImmunotherapeut icapproaches include: dendritic cell vaccines, peptidevaccines, protein vaccines, biologics such as antibodies, bispecific antibodiesand recombi nant chemokines/cytokines. These immunotherapeutic strategies are tobe e valuated in immunocompetent and immunocompromised preclinical mouse mode lsof brain tumors.

Theresearch Scholar will have acce ss to all laboratory equipment and suppliesnecessary in Sands Research B uilding, as well as shared resources within theDuke Cancer Institute. As needed, the Research Scholar may be asked to assistthe team with other s tudies as well.

Clinical Research - The Research Scholar will be an integral part of the clinical research team as well. Thisposition will: 1) design, develop and review clinical trial pr otocols,amendments, informed consent forms, study guides, case report fo rms, and anyother clinical research related documents and study reports; 2) generate clearand appropriately driven study timelines and milestone s; 3) ensure that studyteam members are regularly updated on the study progress, challenges and risks through-out the duration of the study; and4) contribute to supporting the clinicaland translational research.

While performing these responsibilities, you will be expecte d to conform to standardsof responsible conduct in research, comply with good scholarly and researchpractice, maintain a laboratory note book and/or other comparable records ofresearch activity, which remains the prope rty of Duke University upontermination, adhere to University standards r egarding use of isotopes,chemicals, infectious agents, animals, human subjects, have open and timely discussion regarding all facets ofresearch activities, and comply with all applicable University and departmental policies.

Minimum Qualifications

See job description for education requirements.


See job description for requirements.

Duke is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer committed to providing employment opportunity without regard to an individual's age, color, disability, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

Duke aspires to create a community built on collaboration, innovation, creativity, and belonging. Our collective success depends on the robust exchange of ideas—an exchange that is best when the rich diversity of our perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences flourishes. To achieve this exchange, it is essential that all members of the community feel secure and welcome, that the contributions of all individuals are respected, and that all voices are heard. All members of our community have a responsibility to uphold these values.

Essential Physical Job Functions: Certain jobs at Duke University and Duke University Health System may include essentialjob functions that require specific physical and/or mental abilities. Additional information and provision for requests for reasonable accommodation will be provided by each hiring department.

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