Research Chemist

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Location: Chapel Hill, NORTH CAROLINA
Deadline: 07 Dec 2021

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Research Chemist  
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Research Chemist  
UNC-Chapel Hill  
Job Summary:

The Research Associate will direct a specialized laboratory section focused on controlled substance drug checking. They will be responsible for methods development to create libraries and standardized protocols for assaying street drugs using infrared and mass spectrometry. As the lab manager, this position is to carry out independent research and train all new undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral lab members in both standardized and non-standardized testing for a variety of substances. 
The primary role (60%) is to apply advanced knowledge of chemistry principles, concepts, theories, methods, procedures and techniques to develop, conduct, oversee and evaluate complex quantitative and qualitative chemical analyses for a variety of substances. This includes: 
- Performing/checking complex and advanced work in both standardized and non-standardized 
- Function as technical expert for public health team members
- Evaluate new equipment, procedures and developments in the field
- Create chemical libraries to identify constituents of unregulated drugs
- Prepare training documents to assist other academic labs in conducting public health drug 
This work requires strong knowledge of and demonstrated proficiency in using FTIR and GCMS and/or LCMS for unregulated drug samples.
The second role (20%) is orchestrating the training of all new undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral lab members in laboratory methods and computational tasks, while assisting with the interpretation of complex data.
The third role (20%) is dedicated to lab management. Ensuring that the lab runs smoothly, tracking inventory and purchasing supplies, and a culture of lab safety and compliance with chemical, biological, and radiation regulations is paramount.
Minimum Qualifications:

Master's Degree or above in Analytic Chemistry, Forensic Biochemistry or a related life science with a minimum of 5 years work experience in forensic laboratory or Bachelor's Degree in Microbiology or a related life science with a minimum of 10 years work experience.
Relevant post-Baccalaureate degree required (or foreign degree equivalent); for candidates demonstrating comparable independent research productivity, will accept a relevant Bachelor's degree (or foreign degree equivalent) and 3 or more years of relevant experience in substitution. May require terminal degree and licensure.
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