Research Bioinformatician III - Applied Genomics

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Location: Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA

Are you ready to be a part of breakthrough research?

This position offers a unique opportunity for a Bioinformatician to fully immerse themselves in the discovery process!

As a Research Bioinformatician III (RB III), work independently and in close cooperation, collaboration and consultation with bioinformatics faculties including Research Scientists, PI, Research Nurses, and Research Coordinators to determine future bioinformatics needs, and helps to develop tools and pipelines as necessary to keep pace with rapid advances in sequencing technology.

Primary Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Provide general bioinformatics analysis support for omic projects and mainly responsible for data analysis.

Provide software compilations including next generation sequence alignment, polymorphism identification, expression analysis, and visualization tools and browsers.

Summarize data analyses results in the form suitable as the basis for the first draft of written reports, and makes preliminary interpretations of the data.

Identify, evaluate, and incorporate relevant algorithms and software pipelines by reviewing pertinent literatures in bioinformatics and computational biology.

Develop and maintain software based on current projects and in anticipation of long-term needs.

Be proficient and maintain proficiency in development, testing, and maintenance of modular software pipelines for genome sequencing, assembly, annotation, metagenomic analysis, and genotyping.

Use high-throughput sequencing platforms including 454, Illumina, and Pacific Biosciences.

Manage data including loading and querying data from database systems, downloading omic data from public repositories, and converting data to the necessary formats.

Knowledge of medical and biological terminologies, bioinformatics resources, and national biological databases.

Provide solutions for investigator’s problems through data mining and extraction

In a consultation setting, interact with investigators to understand scientific questions.

Define the scope of work and propose an analytical plan with a time estimate for its completion.

Provide bioinformatics expertise in the design of experiments and studies, including research proposal development, sample size determination, and plans for interim reviews and final analysis.

Interact with and support other bioinformatics colleagues in pursuing excellence in Research and Education, that is, the generation of new ideas and concepts, and their dissemination.

Educate others about bioinformatics and computational biology through mentoring of and teaching colleagues, investigators, fellows, and graduate students.

Be capable of organizing and teaching formal bioinformatics courses, inter-disciplinary courses, continuing education courses, and seminars

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