Research Associate III, Mathematics

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Research Associate III, Mathematics - 170000015J 


 Pay Grade: 44
The research associate will develop physics based self-consistent computational tools for modeling, analysis and interpreting the specular and off-specular neutron reflectivity data for thin films of heterostructure nanocomposites of block copolymers with incorporated nanoparticles. This work requires collaboration with teams working on software development and experimental work at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). As a result, a physics based computational software package will be developed using the Oak Ridge Institutional Cluster (OIC) and the Compute and Data Environment for Science (CADES) at the ORNL, which will be made available to the users at the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS). Specific activities include development of a physics based model for a diblock copolymer nanocomposite thin film system, for which the neutron reflectivity data is already available. This system will be used for benchmarking and demonstrating use of the software. Parameters for the models will be tuned systematically so that the model neutron reflectivity profiles fit with the experimental neutron reflectivity profiles. This effort will be published in papers and presented in conferences. This effort is a part of the grand scheme for development of a user software package at the ORNL. This software package will enable neutron experimental users at ORNL to generate physics based models for their experimental systems of polymeric thin films containing multiple components.


 Minimum Requirements:
The research associate should have a PhD in math, engineering, or science. Previous postdoctoral experience is required.
The candidate should have first-hand experience with molecular dynamics (MD), self-consistent field theory (SCFT), and other simulation tools/environments for modeling polymer dynamics on multiple length and time scales. The research associate should be fluent in C and C++, as well as other computing and visualization platforms. Familiarity with the LAMMPS package is strongly desired.
Please provide a cover letter, resume and three professional references, in addition to completing the online application.


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