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06 - School of Medicine  
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Skill in working with transgenic stem cells to upgrade and re-engineer a Patented transgenic embry-onic stem cell line (ESC). These cells report in a high throughput screen (HTS) for toxicity and metabolic stress using a stemness promoter to drive a reporter in viable stem cells. For academic purposes we have used fluorescent reporters but for commercial purposes it is important to use a luminescent reporter. FUCCI cell cycle indicator ESC are used to monitor QC of toxicant exposure in time lapse.
Skill in doing a number of validations of the new ESC HTS lineage and compare these to the validations of the current patented ESC HTS1 (Rex1 promoter-red fluorescent protein ESCs) using Biotek Synergy H1 microplate readers, Sartorius IncuCyte Zoom fluorescence live imager, FACS, immunofluorescence and fluorescence micrography, immunoblot, and Drop-seq/RNA-seq with 10X Genomics. Also, R&D for a placen- tal trophoblast stem cell (TSC) HTS2 assay. Validations will emphasize testing large sets of toxicant samples for dose-dependent (dosimetric) toxic effects on our patented ESC or TSC reporter lines. These include po- tency/stemness decrease, differentiation increase and growth rate decrease assays.
Ability to work with stem cells and manage and keep optimal their growth rates and stemness qualities is essential to performance of job duties.
Knowledge of stress dose-response dosimetry in cell culture for toxicological high throughput screens or software used to calculate IC50s, NOAEL, and LOAEL and perform other Point of Departure toxicological analyses.
Knowledge or personal experiences with as many of these specific protocols and technologies.
Unique Duties
In addition to the specific job duties are general areas of strength. These include ability to communicate and work with teams, effort, honesty, planning and keeping a clear lab notebook (e.g. for patent needs). Preferred are keen general skills and ability in logic, communications, and effort and specific skills in molecular biology with probable lentivirus infection strategy, embryonic stem cell culture and assays used for the validation steps.  
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