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Research Assistant  
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09 - Research  
Primary Department
H0918-Institute of Environmental Health Sciences  
Essential Functions (Job Duties)
A new laboratory to study how common consumer product chemicals (flame retardants, phthalates, etc.) may interfere with the body's endocrine system when humans are exposed to them every day. The lab is interested in how exposure to these chemicals (and mixtures of these chemicals) may disrupt metabolic health and contribute to or exacerbate obesity and other metabolic disorders. The lab will also be setting up a small zebrafish facility to help translate mechanistic cell-based research into a vertebrate animal model, allowing for easier translation to potential human health effects.
?Performs mammalian cell culture and receptor activation/binding
- Grows, maintains, expands, and tests different human and
animal cell lines
- Uses these cell lines to perform receptor binding and
activation assays in multi-well plates
- Uses mesenchymal stem cells and pre-adipocyte models to
assess role of chemicals in differentiation, proliferation, and
development of fat cells
-Performs processing of diverse environmental samples and
preparation of chemical and mixture stock solutions for
testing in these mechanistic assays
?Helps maintain zebrafish colony and performs routine care
- Contributes to regular feedings of the zebrafish colony
throughout the week and occasionally on weekends. Helps
manage other staff and students to facilitate this.
- Helps perform regular maintenance on zebrafish system ?
water chemistry, breeding of fish for experimental purposes
or to establish a new generation
- Assists with and performs exposure experiments in fish, in
particular assessing metabolic health endpoints with
fluorescent imaging, growth measurements, and behavioral
- Assists with fish facility inspections and
IACUC/chemical/animal care protocol preparation and
- Anticipate a heavier burden on cell culture at the start of
employment, and an increase in fish care responsibilities as
the system is installed and started up
?Prepares laboratory records
- Prepares daily records of experimental procedures and results
?Helps maintain laboratory supplies and assists with operations
-Orders and maintains laboratory supplies, handles
administrative duties, and assists other lab members as
necessary for the smooth functioning of the laboratory.
- Assists with laboratory inspections and protocol preparation
and approvals
?Upon request, performs other tasks requested by PI to maintain a
smooth operation of the laboratory
-Performs collaborations with inside and outside colleagues
Perform other related duties as assigned
Unique Duties
Bachelor's degree in Biology, Chemistry, or related Majors.
Previous tissue culture experience working with human/animal cell lines is a plus, as a major component of this laboratory will be cell-based and cell-free mechanistic assays.
Previous experience working with zebrafish is a plus, as the laboratory will be setting up a small zebrafish housing system to support metabolic health and endocrine disrupting chemical testing.
Recent graduates evaluating next steps are encouraged to apply.
Preferred Qualifications
Master's degree or previous research experience in laboratory of Endocrinology, Toxicology, Environmental Health, Molecular/Cellular Biology.  
Testing Requirements
Not Applicable  
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Research Assistants/Associates  

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