Research Assistant

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Location: Detroit, MICHIGAN
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 24 May 2019

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Research Assistant  
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12 - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences  
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Bring ideas (and technologies and methods) to solve instrument development challenges related to (ultra)fast and robust analyses using matrix-assisted ionization (and potentially laserspray ionization or solvent assisted ionization) mass spectrometry, and acquire key high-risk/high-gain preliminary data (ideally also of samples other than drugs, peptides, and proteins which may include carbohydrates or inorganic monolayers, as examples) for new grant proposals to be submitted within the next year (potentially NSF, NIH, DOD).
Work and communicate regularly and stay focused. Daily contact in person, written (email) or by phone is needed to allow informal two-way communication with Dr. Trimpin. Weekly formal communication will occur in the form of a weekly summary/proposal and at a group meeting to ensure prompt and effective research progress. Make meaningful plans for proposed research (including ordering equipment/parts, chemicals well ahead of time), interpret experiments promptly, and suggest next steps well ahead of instrument time. Be mindful of instrument time and others.
Acquire meaningful data to be distributed to the community in the form of peer-reviewed papers (minimum one, and ideally two, first-author papers per year) and, as applicable, one ASMS conference attendance per year (application for poster presentation required as well as applying for travel funds/awards). Ideally, one manuscript will be submitted by December 2019.
Other related duties as assigned. These may include help with grant proposals (such as Figures) or preparing oral presentations (such as slides), as there is fit. Others may include taking charge of instrument maintenance and repairs.
Attend seminars, meetings and workshops appropriate for your career development. Meet with speakers and show the lab to visitors. Educate and guide new group members or visitors to the lab.
Help other group members achieve their career goals. Intellectual input to other group member's research earns co-author position(s) if there should be paper(s) resulting from your input. This adds to your education and impact.
Meet with Dr. Trimpin to reach your career goals at least monthly. If this involves graduate school, apply to 6 schools ("ultra-dream", "reachable", "safety net", of each category two). Request permission to travel to select schools that wish to admit you well in advance.
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B.S. in Chemistry or a related field.  
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Research Assistants/Associates  

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