Research Assistant - Ovarian Cancer Study

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Location: Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA



The G.O. Discovery Laboratory is seeking a full time Staff Research Associate I to work in a cutting-edge gynecologic oncology research laboratory, under the mentorship of Dr. Sanaz Memarzadeh. Our focus is understanding the molecular basis of epithelial cancer formation, progression and treatment. More specifically, the SRA I will work with cell lines, viruses, DNA, RNA, proteins, animal models and other functional and diagnostic assays towards understanding the molecular, cellular and genetic events involved in the formation and progression of gynecologic diseases. The ultimate goal is to inform the design and testing of strategies for cancer treatment towards clinical trials. Learn more about our Laboratory and work here: [1] Pay Range: $24.88 – $29.67 hourly. References Visible links 1.



* Bachelor of Science degree or equivalent experience in chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry and molecular biology * Skilled in routine molecular and cellular biology techniques with and without laboratory equipment. * Ability to communicate effectively on a one-to-one basis sufficiently to convey experimental results to principal investigators. * Ability to take direction as well as to work independently. * Ability to follow direction and follow the appropriate steps according to protocols. * Writing skills and ability sufficient to fully and accurately document all lab work in a notebook according to lab standards. * Ability to analyze research data and prepare clear, concise and accurate technical reports. * Interpersonal skill to interact and collaborate effectively with scientist co-workers, graduate students and faculty. * Skill in handling and disposing of contaminated material according to protocol. 10. Ability to organize raw data into relevant formats. 11. Ability to create and maintain accurate inventories of various items. * Reading skills sufficient to understand specific protocol relevant journal articles, and equipment. * Computer literacy and ability to perform data entry. * Ability to perform library searches. * Ability to work standing for long stretches of time and up to 90% of the day. * Ability to work with research animals, and perform basic dissections and euthanasia. * Ability to work with clinical specimens according to standard protocols * Experience and ability with cell and tissue culture methods

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