Postdoctoral Scholar

Updated: 3 months ago
Location: University Park, ILLINOIS


The Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE) and in cooperation Entomology are seeking suitable candidate applicants to fill a Post-doctorate research/science positon. The post-doc position shall be administered in terms of the actual employment by the Penn State University (PSU) ABE Department. We are seeking a well-qualified applicant with a verified PhD earned in a science preferably some engineering with advanced skills and expertise directly related to the field of commercial wood material processing technology. The selected applicant shall work independently and in closely through daily interactions with ABE and Entomology faculty. The position to be filled is a fixed short-term (12-month duration) employment opportunity. The employment position does have the option to be extended based on further grant applications. The position does require applicants have an educational background with respect statistical methods, heat transfer and energy computational analyses, and some knowledge of thermal instrumentation in terms of experimental measurement techniques. The qualified person should already be familiar or trained on the fundamentals of wood-moisture relationships including the proper use of electrical resistance moisture meters and laboratory drying determinations of material sampling percent wood moisture content. Some experience(s) with specimen preparation equipment would be extremely helpful. We are looking for a person willing to work in close conjunction with other personal in developing suitable test trials to complete targeted experimental objectives. Basic skills in computer interfaces are essential with respect experimental thermal data management including instrumentation with respect fiber-optic thermal sensors (Qualitrol e.g. Neoptic manufactured sensors) and possible experience applying Omniflex USB Interface software are desirable. An ideal candidate might include some prior understanding of electromagnetic energy processes in form of dielectric with wood heating behavior applying radio-frequency (RF) or microwave frequencies including knowledge of material (dielectric constant and loss tangent) properties. In addition to faculty interactions the candidate shall work in conjunction with federal agency and industry cooperators. The research project includes experimental design and coordinated laboratory trials working with scientists from the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Agency (APHIS). The primary mission of this APHIS/PSU collaboration is to conduct commercial scale experiments of a recently developed rapid cycle RF volumetric heating process (patent pending) to demonstrate the technical/economic viability to effectively sanitize solid wood packaging widely used in global commerce consistent with the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measure (ISPM-15).

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