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Job Description:

Our research, at the intersection of physics and biology, aims to understand how cellular signal processes are regulated on different hierarchical length-scales through the application and further development of single molecule and super-resolution microscopy techniques. We employ recently developed quantitative super-resolution microscopy in cells to resolve signaling complexes and organelles below the optical diffraction limit and measure their biomolecular composition. This characterization allows us to detect changes as organelles mature and to follow spatial re-arrangements of signaling proteins in response to stimuli. A particular focus of our lab is to investigate if and how such spatial re-arrangements can modulate the signaling strength of pathways. In addition, we use optogenetic tools to manipulate cell signaling.

We are seeking a strong postdoc candidate whose interests and experience lies within our field of research.  The research will involve cloning, molecular biology and cell culture to tag and modify proteins in yeast and mammalian cells. Furthermore, advanced data analysis will be necessary to extract relevant information from single molecule and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy studies of the created cell lines.

Job Requirement:

The candidate should have a Ph.D. in biophysics or a closely related field by the beginning of the appointment. Extensive experience in cloning, molecular biology, and fluorescence microscopy are expected; a special focus on super-resolution microscopy and single molecule imaging is preferred. The candidate will be expected to independently lead his or her research project and train undergraduate/graduate students in laboratory and microscopy techniques. Clear and efficient written and oral communication skills are therefore required as well as a good integration into our lab.   

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