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Location: Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA

Postdoctoral position, Role of molecular signaling in skin regional specification, The Chuong laboratory, University of Southern California, Los Angeles

A postdoctoral position is available to study how epigenetically controlled molecular signals guide tissue morphogenesis leading to skin regional specificity and adnexal structure using avian embryo as a model. Candidate molecules roles will be functionally tested using promoter-reporter constructs, conditional expressing/suppressing viral vectors; small molecule inhibitors. The fellow should also study the origin of these dermal cells and when this specification is established using embryonic tissue transplantation, lineage and fate tracing.  

Our recent related papers: Identified how 1) flight feathers are configured for different flight modes (flapping, soaring, etc) (Chang et al. Cell 179:1409-1423, 2019). 2) beta-keratin gene clusters encoded on different chromosomes use two mechanisms for differential expression (Liang et al., Dev. Cell 561-576, 2020). 3) Morpho-regulatory molecules that control scale/feather differentiation (Wu et al., Mol. Bio. Evol. 35:417-430, 2018  4) For review, see (Chen et al., Curr. Opin. Genet. Dev. 69:103-111, 2021).

The university offers a competitive salary and benefits package. 

This is a Grant Funded position

Fixed term position, 12 months (Renewable on a annual basis at the discretion of the Principle Investigator.

Minimum Education: Ph.D. or equivalent doctorate within previous five years Minimum Experience: 0-1 year Minimum Field of Expertise: Directly related education in research specialization with advanced knowledge of equipment, procedures and analysis methods. Strong background in computer programming, mathematical modeling is required. Preferred Education: Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or related fields. Preferred Experience: Experience in MRI and post-imaging processing Preferred Field of Expertise: Publications in peer-reviewed journals in the same or related field.
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