Postdoctoral Associate, Manalis Lab

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Location: Cambridge, MASSACHUSETTS

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POSTDOCTORAL ASSOCIATE, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, to assume a position at the interface of novel instrumentation for single-cell analysis and gene therapy in the Manalis Lab (MIT) in collaboration with the Sinskey (MIT, Biology) and Braatz (MIT, Chemical Engineering) labs.  The project is aimed at understanding how the biophysical characteristics of cells change when they are reengineered to produce therapeutic viruses (viral vectors) in gene therapy. These biophysical characteristics range from single-cell mass, stiffness and molecular composition, and their dynamic response during viral vector production remains largely unknown. To address this knowledge gap, the labs propose to develop micro and nanofluidic platforms that allow on-line measurement of single-cell biophysical characteristics during production of viral vectors in a bioreactor.  If successful, this project will elucidate the contribution of biophysical characteristics of cells to viral vector production and pave the way for developing novel readouts of efficiency of production.

The position will be based at MIT and will be in close collaboration with the Sinskey and Braatz labs.  These labs employ graduate students, postdoctoral associates, and technical staff with a range of scientific backgrounds from engineering to biology.  

Job Requirements

REQUIRED:  Ph.D., engineering-related, applied physics, or biophysics field; experience with precision measurement and hands-on instrumentation; good problem-solving and analytical skills; and an interest in harnessing engineering approaches to address fundamental questions in gene therapy.  PREFERRED: mathematical modeling skills.  Job #21424

Additional information is available at the Manalis Lab  and the MIT Center of Biomedical Innovation  which are coordinating the research among academic and pharma partners.

In addition to applying online via the MIT website, a cover letter, CV, and names and contact information for three references should be sent to Professor Scott Manalis at . 

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