Postdoctoral Associate - Cardiac Electrophysiology and Gene Therapy

Updated: 9 days ago
Location: Durham, NORTH CAROLINA
Deadline: 31 Dec 2022

Postdoctoral Associate position in Cardiac Electrophysiology and Gene Therapy is immediately available in the Bursac lab ( ). We are looking for electrophysiologists with significant experience in whole-cell, cell-attached patch clamp, and sharp electrode recordings in single cells and intact tissue preparations. The project aims to develop novel gene-based therapies for cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure and will involve: performing patch clamp recordings from genetically engineered ion channels expressed in a heterologous system (HEK293 cells), viral genetic manipulations and electrophysiological recordings in primary and stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes, ion channel current and action potential recordings from adult mouse and rat cardiomyocytes isolated by Langendorff perfusion, action potential recordings from intact cardiac tissue, and optical mapping in tissue-culture and whole-heart preparations. Candidates for this position are expected to be proficient in preparing results for publications, grant applications, and conference presentations.

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