Post-Doc Research Associate

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Location: Chapel Hill, NORTH CAROLINA
Deadline: 29 May 2022

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Post-Doc Research Associate  
Working Title:
Post-Doc Research Associate  
UNC-Chapel Hill  
Job Summary:
The postdoctoral research scholar will identify and study domains in viral proteins that are conserved across alphaviruses or coronaviruses with the goal of determining their function and testing whether these domains represent potential antiviral drug targets. The postdoctoral fellow will use a combination of molecular virology, bioinformatics, biochemical, immunology, and viral pathogenesis techniques to characterize these candidate functional domains for their role in viral replication or pathogenesis. They will also use a variety of molecular virology and biochemical methods to test whether these target sites can be bound by small molecule inhibitors, and whether these compounds will prevent viral replication and protect from virus-induced disease. Similar approaches will be taken to test the role of host factors in promoting viral replication, and testing whether inhibitors of these host pathways affect virus replication or protect from virus-induced disease. The position will require work at both BSL2 and BSL3 safety levels.  
Minimum Qualifications:
Research experience with virology and immunologyPh.D. or equivalent in Virology, Microbiology, Immunology, or Biology  
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