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Department: Pharmacy - Graduate Education
FTE: 1.00
Full Time
Shift: Rotating

Position Summary:
Complete the residency objectives and requirement during a 24 month period (may be extended). Consult with and educate physicians, other health care professionals, patients and families about drug usage, drug dosage, drug efficacy, and side effects and drug substitution. Focus on the cost-effective usage of drugs in inpatient and outpatient settings, and on increasing the quality of care given to patients. Actively participate in quality programs. Ensure adherence to Hospitals and departmental policies and procedures. Patient care assignment may include neonate, pediatric, adult and geriatric age groups.

Detailed responsibilities:
* PATIENT SAFETY 1 - Follow patient safety-related policies, procedures and protocols
* PATIENT SAFETY 2 - Demonstrate proactive approach to patient safety by seeking opportunities to improve patient safety through questioning of current policies and processes
* PATIENT SAFETY 3 - Identify and report/correct environmental conditions and/or situations that may put a patient at undue risk
* THERAPY - Make recommendations for changes in therapy with goal of enhancing patient care and decreasing costs when possible
* DRUG THERAPY - Collaborate with other healthcare professionals in the selection and individualization of drug therapy for patients
* PATIENT CARE - Participate in medication usage evaluations (MUE) and preparation of clinical practice guidelines
* FORMULARY - Review non-formulary drug requests and recommend formulary alternatives when possible
* INFORMATION - Provide concise, complete, applicable and timely responses to drug information requests from healthcare professionals and patients
* DISCHARGE - Provide discharge counseling and prescription evaluation as indicated
* MONITORING - Participate in pharmacokinetic monitoring according to departmental procedures
* DOCUMENTATION - Document patient information and recommendations regarding drug therapy regimens in patient charts when appropriate. Document clinical interventions in pharmacy departments clinical documentation software
* EDUCATION - Participate in the education of students at the UNM College of Pharmacy and UNMH
* EDUCATION - Retain the appointment of Clinical Adjunct Professor at the UNM College of Pharmacy
* EDUCATION - Present the required number of lectures per year at the UNM College of Pharmacy
* PHARMACIST - Function as a staff pharmacist in the UNMH Department of Pharmacy
* RESIDENCY - Complete a residency project designed to improve applicable clinical services and achieve specific research objectives
* PATIENT SAFETY 4 - Report potential or actual patient safety concerns, medical errors and/or near misses in a timely manner
* PATIENT SAFETY 5 - Encourage patients to actively participate in their own care by asking questions and reporting treatment or situations that they don't understand or may "not seem right"
* ROTATION - Successfully complete all required and elective rotations
* TREATMENT - Contribute to the design, selection, monitoring and evaluation of patient-specific treatment regimens
* PROJECTS - Prepare a publication-ready manuscript and present residency project at Western States Residency Conference
* QUALITY IMPROVEMENT - Participate in quality improvement programs of the UNMHSC
* SUPERVISION - Organize and guide the daily operational duties of the support personnel and co-workers to provide best possible workflow; perform Charge Pharmacist duties when assigned
* CLINICAL PROGRAMS - Participate and document participation in departmental programs such as therapeutic drug monitoring, formulary auto substitution, IV to PO conversions and renal dosing
* PATIENT CARE – Renal drug dosing, IV to PO conversion, Anticoagulation therapy monitoring, antibiotic selection, Pharmacokinetic monitoring and other monitoring duties as assigned


* Program Graduate
* Board Certification
Education specialization:
* Accredited College of Pharmacy
* MS Pharm, PharmD, or Pharmcotherapy Board Certification


Bilingual English/Keres, Tewa, Tiwa, Towa, Zuni, or Navajo

* CPR for Healthcare/BLS Prov or Prof Rescuers w/in 30 days
* Licensed Pharmacist in NM or obtain w/in 120 days
* NM Chemotherapy Certification

Physical Conditions:
Medium Work: Exerting 20 to 50 pounds of force occasionally, and/or 10 to 25 pounds of force frequently, and/or greater than negligible up to 10 pounds of force constantly to move objects. Physical Demand requirements are in excess of those for Light Work.

Working conditions:
* No or min hazard, physical risk, office environment

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