NCTSN Academy Data Manager

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The NCTSN Academy Data Manager work under the general supervision of the Director for the NCTSN Military and Veteran Families Program, with day-to-day work assigned by the Assistant Program Director, NCTSN Academy on Child Traumatic Stress. This is a flex-hybrid position, contract, and eligible to convert to career.

A. Program Evaluation and Management: Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement
• Develop, implement, and maintain Academy quality improvement (QI) plan
and goals and priorities
• Support maintenance and updating of written Academy quality control plan
• Analyze and summarize multiple sources of data, including quantitative and
qualitative data, related to quality assurance (QA) and quality improvement
(QI) across the Academy
• Identify, prioritize, and execute key QI areas and projects based on data
analysis to improve the Academy’s current course offerings, platform, and
learner support features; as well as provide key considerations for Academy
courses and resources in development
• Lead and manage QA and QI projects with Academy cross-functional teams
• Generate reports and share results and progress across all stakeholders,
including DoD and Academy leadership
• Coordinate and facilitate Academy monthly meetings with internal team and
quarterly meetings with stakeholders related to QA/QI
• Provide the day-to-day execution support for quality improvement and
project management components across the Academy and organization
• Identify and implement project management tools and approaches to
improve Academy workflows and processes
• Respond to Academy learner queries via the Help Desk  

B. Data Management

• Develop and maintain Academy enrollment, tracking, and reporting forms and
processes across DoD branches and programs
• Generate and deliver Academy enrollment and completion reports on a
reporting schedule across all stakeholders
• Identify and produce additional Academy reports and metrics, utilizing Power BI
for report generation and data visualization, to support DoD and program goals
• Prepare, analyze, and report out on Academy enrollment and completion metrics
during internal staff meetings and stakeholder meetings as needed
• Develop and maintain accurate records via an Academy user database
• Understand DoD Policy and ensure system and database security, including
developing protective measures for personal identifying information (PII) and
electronic transfer of sensitive data
• Manage Academy/UCLA Health Box and Microsoft Teams file sharing to maintain
up-to-date documents and resources
• Support preparation of deliverables (i.e., NCTSN Academy Executive Committee
and Quarterly QI Meeting Minutes, Monthly Status Report, Quarterly Status

C. Additional Academy Support

• Coordinate with Academy cross-functional teams to support the development
and delivery of new coursework as well as maintain and update current
coursework and technology as needed, with a primary focus on using data and
learner feedback to inform these activities
• Track and prepare Continuing Education credit applications for Academy
• Participate in relevant National Center for Child Traumatic Stress meetings,
particularly those related to QA/QI and data management, in order to support
Academy efforts and share lessons learned

*May convert to career position

Pay range: 61400 – 121400

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