Mentor in Residence for Student Programs

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Location: Pasadena, CALIFORNIA

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Job Summary

The Mentor in Residence (MIR) for Student Programs, as a member of the Office of Technology Transfer and Corporate Partnerships (OTTCP), will play a pivotal role in guiding and supporting Caltech students as they navigate the intersection of deep technology and business development. This individual will provide mentorship, coaching, and expertise to the Caltech entrepreneurial community, with primary focus on mentoring Caltech students participating in OTTCP’s ten-week summer internship programs in entrepreneurship. The MIR will educate and support interns in commercialization of Caltech technologies, helping them to develop their entrepreneurial skills, deepen their understanding of industry verticals, technology sectors, startup formation, venture investment, etc. The MIR will help the students foster innovative thinking in the realm of technology commercialization and business development.

Essential Job Duties

  • Mentorship: Provide one-on-one mentorship to OTTCP student interns, offering guidance, support, and feedback on their projects, ideas, and career aspirations.
  • Subject Matter Expertise: Share knowledge and insights on deep tech industries, emerging technologies, market trends, and commercialization strategies through workshops, seminars, and informal discussions.
  • Project Support: Assist interns in defining project scopes, setting goals, and developing strategies for successful project execution within the technology and commercial landscape. The internship program will culminate with a final presentation to be presented by the student at the conclusion of the summer internship program.
  • Networking: Facilitate networking opportunities for interns by connecting them with industry professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Skill Development: Help interns enhance their entrepreneurial skills, including but not limited to market research, product development, customer acquisition, pitching, business modeling, and verbal and written communication skills.
  • Feedback and Evaluation: Provide regular feedback and evaluation to interns on their progress, performance, and areas for improvement.
  • Community Engagement: Foster a collaborative and supportive community among interns, encouraging knowledge sharing, idea exchange, and teamwork.
  • Program Enhancement: Contribute to the continuous improvement of the internship program by providing insights, suggestions, and recommendations based on mentorship experiences and industry expertise.

Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical field with 10 years’ experience in either startup company formation and financing as CEO/CTO or industry, in technology sectors such as sensors, electronics, photonics, AI, quantum, cleantech, sustainability, or semiconductors; or equivalent life science startup or industry experience in research and product strategy, drug discovery, process development, and new product development. 
  • Candidates should possess a blend of technical expertise, entrepreneurial or industry experience, mentorship skills, and a passion for technology commercialization.
  • Proven experience in industry, entrepreneurship, startup incubation, venture capital, or related fields.
  • Strong networking abilities, with a track record of building relationships with industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to effectively mentor and support undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Proficient computer skills. Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  • Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, with the ability to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all interns.
  • Passion for education, mentorship, and fostering the next generation of technology innovators and business leaders.

Preferred Qualifications

  • PhD degree in a life science or engineering discipline, or combination of engineering and business education (e.g., BS in engineering and MBA).
  • Experience with bringing a scientific or engineering product to market from initial pitch through diligence and terms negotiation for a startup company.
  • Experience recruiting leadership to startup companies.
  • Have a network of venture capital contacts and resources with existing relationships.
  • Have a network of life science regulatory contacts and resources with existing relationships in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or medical device industry.
  • Experience in university technology transfer a plus.

Required Documents

  • Resume

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