Measure and Regulatory Science Postdoctoral Fellow

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Location: Durham, NORTH CAROLINA
Deadline: 05 Dec 2022

The Postdoctoral Fellow will focus on didactic training and real-world regulatory issues related to measuring health and functioning within patient-centered research settings. The Fellow will:

  • Receive one-on-one training by a Duke faculty mentor with expertise in clinical outcomes assessments (patient-reported, observer-reported, clinician-reported, and performance outcomes), patient preference assessment, regulatory science, and/or stakeholder engagement
  • Conduct independent research activities under the guidance of an industry mentor and a Duke faculty mentor
  • Transition to a career in industry when the postdoctoral fellowship is finished
  • Complete a tailored program with a core set of competencies, including:
    • Designing, selecting or evaluating clinical outcomes assessments (COAs)
    • Integrating COAs in clinical trials
    • Survey methods for valuing outcomes and assessing preferences
    • Patient-focused drug and device development

The term of the appointment is two years. Eighty percent of the time in Year 1 is spent training in Durham, NC with the Postdoctoral Fellow functioning under the supervision of a Duke faculty mentor, while the remaining 20% is spent receiving mentoring from an industry partner. In Year 2, 80% of the Fellow’s time is spent training with an industry partner, and Duke faculty will provide mentoring for the remaining 20%.

Year 1 is focused on strengthening skills via didactic training and participation in ongoing studies involving COAs. During this time, fellows may attend graduate-level courses offered through Duke's Department of Population Health Science's graduate program or other ad hoc courses offered throughout Duke. The postdoc will participate in a mentored research project on health outcomes measurement.

Year 2 is focused on real-world, experiential patient-centered research with an industry setting. The postdoc will continue to conduct a mentored project that is both related to patient-centered research and can contribute to regulatory decision-making and policymaking, under the guidance of an industry mentor and a Duke faculty mentor. At the end of the two years, the postdoctoral fellow is ready to transition to work in patient-centered research in an industry setting.

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