Managing Director, Growth & Technology

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Under the general direction of the Executive Vice Chancellor, Commonwealth Medicine, the Managing Director, Growth & Technology oversees the full spectrum of activities under the Growth & Technology division.  Commonwealth Medicine, the public service and health care consulting division of UMass Medical School, utilizes a unique public university partnership model to work with public health and human service agencies and other clients to anticipate, recognize and address some of the most complex problems facing at-risk, medically complex, disabled and economically disadvantaged populations. 


The Managing Director, Growth & Technology will be responsible for leading the strategic business and tactical operations of Growth & Technology, which includes the development, implementation and evaluation of Growth & Technology’s strategy. The Managing Director’s portfolio will include maintaining, sustaining and scaling current business, improving market penetration, enhancing and expanding product and service lines, diversifying revenue and identifying new and emerging markets. The Managing Director will contribute significantly to Commonwealth Medicine’s strategic direction and its ability to meet and exceed budget targets and financial forecasts. The Managing Director will align Growth & Technology’s investment priorities to the goals articulated in the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Commonwealth Medicine and Growth & Technology’s strategic plans to ensure the proper allocation of capital, talent and operating expenditures. The Managing Director will continually evaluate the performance of Growth & Technology against the strategic plan and recommend and/or implement adjusted allocations. 


The range of duties attendant to this senior-level executive position will span from internal management and operations to external business development and relationship building. The ideal candidate will leverage a large professional network, as well as outstanding interpersonal and leadership skills, to develop and sustain productive working relationships with key stakeholders and clients, including, but not limited to: the federal government; the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and other public sector partners; clinical systems and hospitals; outpatient and community-based health centers; trade associations and professional groups; consulting firms; and other health care entities. The Managing Director holds ultimate responsibility for the day-to-day running of the Growth & Technology division and its strategic direction. The Managing Director will develop and sustain effective relationship with the CIO and IT Department to support university goals.



  • Lead the Growth & Technology division and ensure that all employees buy into the Commonwealth Medicine and Growth & Technology vision.
  • In conjunction with the Executive Vice Chancellor, Commonwealth Medicine, set the overall strategic direction of the Growth & Technology division.
  • Plan and implement the long-term Growth & Technology business strategies to achieve Commonwealth Medicine’s strategic and growth objectives.
  • Design a systemic approach to continuously improving Commonwealth Medicine’s resource allocation (capital, operating and human capital) model to maximize the impact of funding decisions, business opportunities and/or market trends and to more effectively prioritize and deploy resources across the Commonwealth Medicine enterprise.
  • Collaborate with the UMMS Information Technology group to plan and implement infrastructure services required to support the technology needs of Commonwealth Medicine’s diverse organization.
  • Devise a 5-year plan for Growth & Technology and work with the Commonwealth Medicine leadership team to oversee its implementation.
  • Work with Growth & Technology’s leadership team to set organizational Key Performance Indicators to gauge performance in all areas of responsibilities.
  • Look for opportunities to increase efficiencies and speed up processes across the Growth & Technology units and implement new processes and procedures across the business.
  • In conjunction with the Executive Vice Chancellor, Commonwealth Medicine, set the Growth & Technology budgets in relation, and proportional to, the margin forecasts of all business units.
  • Meet with the Commonwealth Medicine Director of Finance on a regular basis to review the financial performance of all business units.
  • Work closely with the Director of Marketing & Communication on sales strategy and approach to winning new business, upselling and cross-selling existing clients.
  • Analyze opportunities for growth in the Commonwealth Medicine market segments to drive profitability.
  • Carry out regular SWOT analysis to mitigate any potential risks through industry and market changes.
  • Develop productive working relationships with key clients and engage stakeholder groups to improve the quantity and quality of market/competitor intelligence and to shape the development of successful campaign strategies.
  • Contribute to a coordinated communications program that effectively articulates Commonwealth Medicine’s unique mission, vision, value and strategic goals to internal and external audiences and facilitates dialogue and decision-making among and between Commonwealth Medicine’s business units.
  • Preserve and promote Commonwealth Medicine’s talent pool by evaluating the workforce and launching tailored programs focused on the following: increasing diversity across all levels of the organization; offering value-added professional development training and opportunities for all staff; building leadership depth; and implementing a succession planning strategy.
  • Lead and/or support the implementation of strategic plans and process as well as the cost improvement efforts for the organization.
  • Assist department managers in negotiating directly with clients concerning the scope, objectives, and delivery dates for projects assigned to their section. Guides managers in their project and staff management responsibilities.
  • Identify necessary resources to perform project work, including mobilizing and coordinating resources from UMMS and other campuses of the University system and other universities; monitors work progress, including data analysis and report development, and oversees its timely completion.
  • Oversee communications with Commonwealth Medicine clients regarding projects within the specified content area and ensures coordination of these projects.
  • Delivers presentations of project results to University and state agency officials and staff as well as statewide, regional and national audiences; disseminates results through reports and academic publications.
  • The Managing Director will develop and sustain effective relationship with the CIO and IT Department to support university goals.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as required.



  • Bachelor’s degree in related field. Completion of professional level graduate work (MPA, MBA, or MPH) preferred.
  • Ten years of experience, or equivalent, in health care consultation, that includes progressive and proven success in design, execution and evaluation of organizational growth strategies, identifying new market and/or product opportunities, overseeing go-to-market strategies with accompanying technology solutions in complex, matrixed and diverse organizations, and allocating resources and capital to achieve strategic, operational and financial goals.
  • Demonstrated expertise and experience in all aspects of business development, including: account management; capture and proposal development; and relationship management.
  • Knowledge of health care challenges, opportunities, and trends impacting both public sector and private clients; experience and familiarity with state and federal health care models and challenges preferred.
  • Well-developed financial, operational, and technical skills, together with proven expertise in strategy, organizational design, and innovation.
  • Prior experience working in a leadership and/or senior level role at a complex, matrixed, and diverse organization.  A track record of exceptional leadership ability.
  • Experience in planning and implementing health technology and/or data analytics solutions is preferred.
  • Communication and presentation skills, both oral and written, to interact with clients and to produce reports suitable for both a public and private sector audience is additionally required.
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment and negotiate with diplomacy and tact.
  • Must be able to carry out the essential functions of this position, with reasonable accommodation if disabled.


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