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Department: Operating Room
FTE: 1.00
Full Time
Shift: Days

Position Summary:
Oversee and coordinate the safe and effective use of lasers, laser systems and intense light devices used within the UNMH inpatient and outpatient clinical areas for treatment applications. Train and oversee competency with safe and effective laser use in the function and use of appropriate laser safety measures under the direction of the UNMH safety department. The laser safety officer (LSO) is appointed by UNMH administration and is responsible for the monitoring, training, and overseeing the control of laser hazards to staff, operators and patients. The LSO has the authority to suspend, restrict or terminate the operation of the laser systems if he/she deems that a hazardous condition exists. Whenever the intervention authority is invoked, any action taken will immediately be reported to the department director and safety department. Ensure adherence to Hospitals and departmental policies and procedures that coincide with OSHA, American National Standards Institute standards (ANSI Z 136.1 and Z136.3), and AORN Recommended Practice Standards. Patient care assignment may include Neonate, Pediatric, Adolescent, Adult and Geriatric age groups.

Detailed responsibilities:
* MANAGE - Manage and administer the laser safety program; oversee and coordinate the safe and effective use of lasers, laser systems and intense light devices used within the UNMH inpatient and outpatient clinical areas for treatment applications
* POLICIES - Establish written laser safety policies and procedures; maintain laser safety program records including laser operating manuals for each laser in use within the UNMH System
* TRAINING - Ensure proper safety training is provided to all staff working in the presence of the laser systems; supervise and direct staff and operators involved with the clinical application of laser systems for patient care; train laser safety attendants in the use of laser quality audits and mandatory reporting to LSO and Safety Department
* PPE - Ensure that proper protective safety equipment is available and appropriate for the laser procedure being performed
* COMPLIANCE - Investigate all known or suspected accidents resulting from the operation of a laser and initiate appropriate actions including compliance with the hospitals audit and incident reporting policy
* PARTNER - Partner with the clinical engineering department to maintain an accurate and up to date laser inventory
* LIAISON - Act as liaison as necessary between physicians, staff, patients, families, and other departments to promote and facilitate communication, problem solving, decision-making, crisis intervention, resource utilization, and conflict management
* SAFETY - Conduct Annual Laser Safety Audit/Inspection of the laser safety program, laser systems, and protective safety equipment
* COMMITTEES - Report at least quarterly to the UNMH Safety Committee; lead and conduct at least quarterly Laser Safety Committee (LSC) meetings providing meeting agenda items and minutes to attendees. The LSC is to set policy and approve safety procedures for the use of class 3B and class 4 lasers in clinical applications
* PROCEDURES � Assist with therapeutic laser procedures within the LSO scope of practice
* EMERGENCY MEASURES - Assist with or institute emergency measures for sudden, adverse developments in patients
* SAFETY - Provide protection to patients, family members, staff and self in accordance with prescribed laser safety standards, OSHA, ANSI, and AORN
* MAINTENANCE - Perform or assist with preventive maintenance, quality assurance, and minor equipment repair and reporting for Laser maintenance with the guidance of Clinical Engineering
* PATIENT SAFETY 1 - Follow patient safety-related policies, procedures and protocols
* PATIENT SAFETY 2 - Demonstrate proactive approach to patient safety by seeking opportunities to improve patient safety through questioning of current policies and processes
* PATIENT SAFETY 3 - Identify and report/correct environmental conditions and/or situations that may put a patient at undue risk
* PATIENT SAFETY 4 - Report potential or actual patient safety concerns, medical errors and/or near misses in a timely manner
* PATIENT SAFETY 5 - Encourage patients to actively participate in their own care by asking questions and reporting treatment or situations that they don't understand or may "not seem right"


* Bachelor's Degree
Education specialization:
* Related Discipline

3 years directly related experience

Bilingual English/Keres, Tewa, Tiwa, Towa, Zuni, or Navajo

* Nationally recognized accredited laser certification
* CPR for Healthcare/BLS Prov or Prof Rescuers w/in 30 days

Physical Conditions:
Medium Work: Exerting 20 to 50 pounds of force occasionally, and/or 10 to 25 pounds of force frequently, and/or greater than negligible up to 10 pounds of force constantly to move objects. Physical Demand requirements are in excess of those for Light Work.

Working conditions:
* Sig Hazard: Chemicals, Bio Hazardous Materials req PPE
* May perform subordinate tasks in high census/vol
* May be required or is required to perform on-call duties
* May work rotating shifts, holidays and weekends

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