Lands Resource Specialist – Private Forestry

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Location: Sandpoint, IDAHO
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 22 Apr 2023

Idaho Department of Lands
Sandpoint, Idaho
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Full time Positions
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The Lands Resource Specialist position is used for training purposes for the Lands Resource Specialist, Senior. Through various types of on-the-job training, the employee will learn to carry out the duties of a Lands Resource Specialist, Senior including learning state laws and department policies and procedures. After successful completion of the Lands Resource Specialist training plan (at least 6 months) the employee will advance to a Lands Resource Specialist, Senior. This advancement may include a pay increase. Starting rate of pay will be determined using the employees experience and educational levels as answered in the supplemental questionnaire. Example of Duties Responsibilities: Provides technical assistance to private landowners, logging contractors, and agencies in all aspects of forestry Conducts inspections on logging operations for compliance with the Idaho Forest Practices Act (FPA) Prescribes corrective action to be taken to bring non-compliance logging operations into compliance Provides information and technical assistance to private landowners on cost share programs Conducts presentations, lectures and discussions with loggers, landowners and students Represents IDL on committees and at public meetings Participates in wildfire suppression response as needed
Experience: Communicating effectively both verbally and in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience through technical reports, business correspondence, and oral presentations Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to produce maps and analyze spatial data Some Knowledge of: Administration of Idaho Forest Practices act or similar State and federal laws, rules and regulations in relation to natural resource management activities Methods used to evaluate projects and/or data, analyzing alternatives, and making recommendations Public land survey legal descriptions, aerial photos and topographic and property ownership maps Financial analysis methods used to consider the relative costs and benefits of potential actions or proposals to choose the most appropriate one. Forest management principles: Silviculture principles Forest mensuration Dendrology Forest harvest methods Soils Forest engineering principles (road design and construction) Writing and reviewing forest management plans Forestry best management practices (BMPs) and processes for conducting field inspections, compliance reporting, and implementing corrective action Forest entomology and forest pathology Other: Possession of a valid driver's license
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Jackie Treat
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