Laboratory Manager, Fan Lab

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Location: Cambridge, MASSACHUSETTS

Job Description

LABORATORY MANAGER, FAN LAB , Picower Institute for Learning and Memory, to manage daily laboratory functions and support specific research projects.  The lab’s research focuses on developing and applying novel high-precision optical and molecular technologies to watch and perturb the brain in action.  It leverages these cutting-edge technologies and integrates them with behavioral, molecular, and computational approaches to understand how the brain encodes, stores, and recalls information. Responsibilities include supporting daily laboratory functions and research by purchasing reagents, maintaining laboratory stocks, overseeing laboratory safety, maintaining equipment, managing chemical inventory, and providing general lab support; interfacing with veterinary staff and serving as representative to animal oversight groups; assisting with orientation and training new members on lab procedures/techniques; planning and executing wet lab and/or rodent-related experiments related to specific research projects, including molecular cloning, tissue culture, optogenetics experiments, rodent behavior, perfusion, and histology; contributing to the publication of findings as needed; and participating in the preparation of written documents, including procedures, presentations, protocols, proposals, and manuscripts.  May assist with purchasing laboratory equipment, design your own experiments, and perform other duties as assigned. The lab is committed to the success of its members and provides opportunities for close mentorship and guidance in research and career training.  

Job Requirements

REQUIRED: bachelor's degree in neuroscience, bioengineering, chemistry, molecular and cell biology, or related scientific field; two years’ relevant laboratory research experience; self-motivation; ability to work independently with minimal supervision and collaboratively across groups; strong technical, time-management, planning, problem-solving, organizational, interpersonal, and verbal and written communication skills; ability to balance multiple competing priorities; good judgment and discretion with confidential information; and proficiency with MS Office.  PREFERRED:  master’s degree.  Job #23218

A two-year commitment is preferred in order to fulfill training requirements.


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