Head Women's Volleyball Coach

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The primary duty of the Head Women’s Volleyball Coach is to teach, train, and develop the skills of student athletes in the sports of volleyball and beach volleyball while integrating the Catholic faith through mentorship and virtue development.

The head women’s volleyball coach will also manage the planning and administration of the women’s indoor and beach volleyball programs and will provide leadership and oversight to the student athletes, serve as a positive mentor, encourage virtue development, and create a positive image within the Ave Maria University mission for the program.

The head women’s volleyball coach will also be responsible for the sport’s administration including, but not limited to, recruitment and retention of mission-fit student athletes, scheduling, travel, budget management, academic monitoring, fundraising, equipment, oversight of court maintenance, and overall program management.

The head women’s volleyball coach will adhere to all guidelines and regulations set forth by the Sun Conference, NAIA, and Ave Maria University.



Student Athlete Development – Plan and conduct the teaching, coaching, training, and individual student athlete skill development to prepare the team for competition.


  • Provide technical skill instruction to the women’s indoor and beach volleyball teams to aid in the skill development of student athletes at practices.
  • Conduct individual training sessions with student athletes geared at skill development.
  • Prepare and oversee the implementation of practice plans that will prepare the team physically and mentally for competition.
  • Prepare and oversee the planning and implementation of camps and clinics.
  • Monitor the academic, social, and personal development of women’s volleyball student-athletes.
  • Mentor student athletes through virtue development.
  • Design and implement programming that promotes integration of the Catholic faith.




Program Administrative and Fiscal Management – Responsible for overseeing scheduling, travel coordination, budget management, ordering equipment, the completion of expense reports, fundraising, and facility maintenance.


NAIA Compliance – 

  • Responsible for complying with NAIA, Sun Conference, and Ave Maria University rules and regulations.
  • Responsible for performing all duties within the framework of NAIA rules and regulations.
  • Oversee the coordination, preparation, and submission of all the necessary NAIA compliance forms for the volleyball program (i.e., 24-week declaration, eligibility certification, etc.).
  • Required to attend departmental and Sun Conference meetings.

Recruitment and Retention

  • Responsible for identifying, recruiting and the retention of academically prepared, mission fit, and athletically talented student athletes for the women’s volleyball program.
  • Responsible for planning recruiting events and competitions to attend to further evaluate prospective student athletes.
  • Responsible for coordinating on-campus official and unofficial visits of prospective student-athletes per University and NAIA policies.
  • Award athletic scholarships and manage scholarship budget per departmental guidelines.

Academics, Service, Marketing, and Development –

  • Ongoing monitoring of student athlete academic success in conjunction with the academic student support team. Ensure student-athletes progress in degree advancement and meet NAIA eligibility and University standards.
  • Ongoing promotion and development of the volleyball program by creating and maintaining effective relationships with alumni, donors, and community members.
  • Manage fundraising events for the program within the framework of the university and departmental guidelines.


EDUCATION:  Bachelor’s Degree required
EXPERIENCE: Minimum of 3-5 years of volleyball coaching experience, preferably at the college level.
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: General knowledge of indoor and beach volleyball, including collegiate rules & regulations.  Must possess excellent teaching, organizational and communication skills, as well as the ability to pay close attention to details, interact effectively and appropriately with student athletes and evaluate prospects.  Must support the University’s Catholic mission. The head coach is responsible for supporting the university in the formation of student athletes in the intellectual and moral virtues of the Catholic faith.
PHYSICAL SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Requires ordinary ambulatory skills sufficient to teach the fundamentals of the sport, coach practices, games; and the ability to stand, walk and manipulate (lift, carry, move) light to medium weights of 10 – 50 pounds. Requires good hand-eye coordination, arm, hand and finger dexterity, including ability to grasp, and visual acuity to use a telephone, computer keyboard, operate equipment and read technical information.
WORKING CONDITIONS: Work is performed indoors and outdoors with potential for outdoor exposure to high temperatures, and safety and health hazards related to sport.


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