Gravitational Lensing RA (Summer 2024)

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Location: Campus, ILLINOIS
Job Type: PartTime

Job Title:

Gravitational Lensing RA (Summer 2024)

Job Summary:

The student will be working on using a fast Bayesian framework our group has developed to model strong gravitational lensing systems. These systems have been observed by our Hubble Space Telescope program. Careful modeling of these systems can be used to test the cold dark matter model, the prevailing model for dark matter, whose is one of the biggest mysteries in the universe.

Full Job Description:

The student will
• Write and test computer code that can solve various problems in the project.
• Implement parallel/distributed computing on CPUs and GPUs
• Work on Google Colab, and possibly on a national supercomputing facility.
Start date: June 3, 2024
End date: August 9, 2024
25 hours/week, $18.07/hr


Part time

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