Graduate Coordinator - Physics Department

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Location: Santa Cruz, CALIFORNIA
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 12 Jul 2017
40 Graduate Student Advising and Program Administration
Advise new and continuing graduate students and Physics faculty regarding department and campus information, policies, and procedures on all areas that impact a student's progress towards degree, including curriculum, financial aid and other campus resources. Provide advice to solve problems and resolve conflicts on academic and general issues, making referrals to other resources as appropriate.
Correspond with newly admitted students to begin advising process, identify and resolve problems in advance of their arrival (e.g. issues with enrollment, visa, housing, etc.)
Advise prospective graduate students and disseminate information regarding qualifications for graduate admissions, program requirements, and all aspects of graduate life at UC Santa Cruz and the Department of Physics using all media available.
Coordinate with International Student Services all visa policies and procedures; implement accelerated advance-to-candidacy program for foreign PhD students.
Evaluate and advise students seeking readmission to complete degree and/or students on leave of absence whose status has lapsed. Advise faculty advisors, Graduate Committee Chair, and Department Chair on policies and conditions for readmission.
Monitor academic progress of each cohort of students and identify potential problems for faculty consideration.
Maintain the graduate database record of students' progress, utilizing AIS extensively. Track and report graduate program quality indicators, and maintain database of all students and alumni data for external reviews, potential newsletter updates and fund-raising opportunities.
Independently interpret and advise on policies and procedures of the Graduate Division, ASE contract, and campus, to the Department Chair, Graduate Committee Recruitment Committee and graduate students.
Convene Graduate Committee (GC) meetings and prepare, distribute and track revisions to the graduate curriculum and program.
Analyze and recommend revisions to the academic program and curriculum and to department policies and practices. Make recommendations to support program goals and facilitate student progress. Track and report graduate program accountability measures. Provide data and analysis for annual departmental and divisional academic program planning processes.
Coordinate written graduate student qualifying exams. Verify exam requirements and exam status for each student. Implement and interpret qualifying exam policy and advise faculty on options for resolving problems if students fail all or part of a given exam.
Track and verify eligibility of merit-based awards and payments. Assist the GC in assessing student eligibility and compose nominations for departmental candidates.
Under the general direction of the Administrative Manager, provide support to the TA program. Determine eligibility and need for Teaching or Course Assistantships (TA or CA), prepare offer letters and conduct quarterly TA meetings. Conduct all Academic Student Employment activities within the guidelines of the union contract and keep faculty apprised of all relevant policies.
Assist in the production, distribution and collection of teaching evaluations as needed and maintain archived summaries of TA evaluations for future reference. Identify and recommend outstanding TA nominees.
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