Full Time HVAC Faculty

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Location: Valparaiso, INDIANA

I. INSTRUCTION 1. Deliver assigned classes using pedagogy and technology that best support student learning, and in accordance with college loading policy, course objectives and program learning outcomes. 2. Develop and maintain curriculum and supporting course materials in keeping with and furtherance of course objectives and program learning outcomes. 3. Maintain student records, attendance, grades, and other documentation as required. Manage a classroom environment conducive to student learning and in adherence to federal, state, and college safety standards and practices. 4. Facilitate student achievement of expected program learning outcomes. 5. Use Learning Management System (e.g. Blackboard) to facilitate teaching, learning, assessment and communication.

II. RETENTION AND STUDENT SUCCESS 1. Provide academic-related coaching and academic monitoring to assigned student advisees in partnership with professional academic advising staff. 2. Monitor and document student performance throughout the semester, including use of technology for academic advising alerts; provide necessary interventions to include communication with students, tutoring and other academic supports, and referrals to appropriate college resources. 3. Maintain posted office hours and student engagement hours in accordance with campus expectations and the faculty loading policy in the Academic 4. Promote and assist in student recruitment, retention, and successful completion of programs, including outreach to students by phone, technology tools, and other electronic means.

III. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT 1. Participate in professional development activities that may include scheduled training, time spent onsite in related business and industries, and selfstudy to advance instructional and technical skills as well as current knowledge within the field of study. 2. Participate in scholarly activities related to the discipline/focus, in fulfillment of annual performance plans, and as required for certification and licensure. 3. Stay current in contemporary pedagogy, digital technology, and other technology related to teaching that best support student learning.

IV. COMMUNITY RELATIONS AND BUSINESS OUTREACH 1. Participate in community service activities on behalf of the college to advance the college’s relationships within its service area as appropriate for department/division/college. 2. Develop community/industry/business contacts to advance college relationships within service area as appropriate in the department and division.

V. INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT 1. Provide institutional support as requested by college administration such as participation on committees and task forces, projects related to college and program accreditations, and grantrelated projects. 2. Support and engage with Corporate College and Development (Ivy Tech Foundations). 3. Attend commencement and participate as assigned by regional administration. 4. Participate in college/campus-wide meetings and departmental/division/faculty meetings. 5. Participate in career service and alumni activities. 6. Support program/department chair in program management activities.

VI. ENROLLMENT MANAGEMENT 1. Review and analyze program data as related to completion and retention. 2. Determine and lead action steps positively impacting retention. 3. Support development of student internships and other real-work experiences to support the curriculum and student experiential learning. 4. Assure quality of discipline-specific dual credit courses within the local high schools. See ASOM 4.3 – Credit Transfer Awarding/Dual Credit for listing of specific responsibilities. 5. Create course schedules conducive to student learning and student access, in consideration of the Corporate College; and maximizing utilization of existing classroom and laboratories.

VII. PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION 1. Complete annual Program Review, which includes analysis of trend data and resources. 2. As appropriate, engage internally and externally with employers and other economic sector experts, deans, vice presidents, and as a member of the statewide curriculum committee to ensure alignment of quality, relevant, and market-driven curriculum. 3. Maintain office administrative hours in accordance with the faculty loading guidelines in ASOM 7.2 – Faculty Job Descriptions and Loading. 4. Coordinate program advisory committees and assure broad-based membership and participatory agendas. 5. If applicable, oversee equipment purchases and maintenance and supplies for instructional laboratories.

VIII. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 1. Coordinate recruitment, evaluation, and development of full-time and adjunct faculty with Human Resources and the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs (or designee). 2. Review and respond to faculty, staff and student issues. The above list of duties is not to be construed as an exhaustive list. Other duties logically associated with the position may be assigned.

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