Extra Help Nursing Technician (CNA) - 4W Mother Baby (Posted 08/27/2021) (Job ID #150846)

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Extra Help Nursing Technician (CNA) - 4W Mother Baby (Posted 08/27/2021) (Job ID #150846)
4W Mother Baby


  • Completes the “Core Skills Assessment” upon hire.
  • Sets up patients’ rooms- adult and newborn, inpatient rooms, OBED bays
  • Sets up and complies with isolation precautions
  • Complies with UI Health infection control guidelines
  • Introduces self to the patient and family, provides patients with admission/information pack, and provides assistance as needed
  • Orients patient and family to room including explaining visiting hours, bed functions, and use of television, telephone, and call light
  • Assists with patient discharge as assigned, ensuring that all patient belongings go with the patient
  • Provides post-mortem care
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Responds to patient call lights
  • Measures and records vital signs, notifies RN of any abnormalities/changes
  • Measures and records weight and height
  • Monitors and reinforces use of incentive spirometer, deep breathing and coughing
  • Inspects patient’s skin and notifies RN of any abnormalities or changes
  • Maintains fall precautions, including bed-alarms.
  • Prepares patients for diagnostic and therapeutic tests as directed by the RN
  • Applies simple dressings as directed by the RN
  • Maintains oxygen therapy
  • Safely operates patient care equipment such as SCDs, pulse oximeters, specialty beds, weighing devices, and cardiac chairs
  • Empties drains and documents amount and color of drainage in the Electronic Health Record (EHR).
  • Performs range of motion, assists with patient mobilization (chair, transfers, turning and ROM)
  • Collects and labels in front of patient various specimens including sputum, urine and stool
  • Performs Point of Care testing as assigned.
  • Provides care for incontinent patients promoting skin integrity and utilizing appropriate products
  • Assists patients with meeting hydration and nutritional needs
  • Records intake and output amounts, performs calorie counts and provides meal supplements
  • Positions patient for oral intake to prevent aspiration
  • Monitors and reinforces fluid restrictions.
  • Performs a.m. or p.m. care, including back rubs, oral hygiene, making occupied and unoccupied beds. Prepares patient for OR, assists with bed baths, and assists patient with other activities of daily living.
  • Receives assignment from RN and consults and contributes to the patient’s plan of care
  • Documents patient information in EHR (vital signs, nursing care provided, intake and output)
  • Reinforces patient teaching provided by nurse
  • Acts as a patient / family advocate by providing comfort, assistance and information.
  • Provides feedback to RN on patient care and condition as directed
  • Demonstrates a commitment to UI Health values through teamwork and effective communication in an effort to achieve quality outcomes, patient safety, customer satisfaction and a clean, safe and therapeutic environment
  • Other duties as assigned Professional/Leadership


High School Graduate or Equivalent.

Possession of a CNA license from an accredited institution/school/program, Illinois Department of Public Health - Healthcare Work Registry

Current AHA BLS/CPR and other required unit-specific certifications

Basic computer skills with the ability to become proficient in the EHR with on-the-job training

Excellent attendance, interpersonal skills and work history required.

Day/Evening Rotation

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