Extra Help Emergency Medical Technician - Emergency Services (Job ID #144299)

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Direct Patient Care Tasks
(a) Assists nursing/medical staff with tasks related to preliminary assessment, education, and documentation of patient condition and the presenting health complaint including:
Obtaining vital signs
Obtaining pertinent health information
Administration of specialized tests as ordered (i.e.: EKG, Visual Acuity, POCT)
Informing patient of test preparations and directions to diagnostic/treatment areas
(b) Assists medical/nursing staff with tasks related to diagnostic and therapeutic procedures appropriate to experience, training and skill level including:
Wound care
Splint application
Application of oxygen
Application of cardiac monitor
Performance of 12-lead EKGs
(c) Responds to patient inquiries (both in person and by telephone) and relays information to the appropriate clinical staff based on the nature of the inquiry.
(d) Transports or accompanies patients as directed.
(e) Assists patients/families to reduce or manage stress and facilitates adaptive coping mechanisms.
(f) Provides care that demonstrates ethical beliefs and respect for patient rights.
(g) Performs other duties as assigned.
Indirect Patient Care Tasks
(a) Performs collection and processes patient specimens.

(b) Performs CQI activities (i.e.: POCT quality controls, QA audits)
(c) Maintains patient care environment in compliance with safety and infection control requirements including but not limited to monitoring usage of linen and supplies, disposal of soiled and used patient care supplies, sterilization of equipment.
(d) Manages supplies and linens
Organizational Tasks
(a) Supports the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System (UIHHSS) and the Nursing Services
(b) Utilizes established communication channels to resolve work related problems.
(c) Takes initiative in decision making for supply management or patient care related issues.
(d) Ensures that the environment is clean, attractive, safe, and free from hazards for patients, staff, and visitors.
(e) Understands and demonstrates principles of UIHHSS values.
(f) Works cooperatively with coworkers, Patient Care Director/Nurse Manager, Physicians and other customers.
(g) Acts as change agent assisting nursing staff to achieve unit goals.

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