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Conference & Event Services (CES), a department within University Services, serves as a one-stop-shop for conference planning, event coordination, and room scheduling.  In addition, CES is the liaison to 501c3 not-for-profit organizations that are interested in short term use of University facilities.  CES oversees Princeton University’s summer program for internal and external customers including conferences, camps, enrichment programs, workshops, meetings, etc. 


The Event Compliance Manager (ECM) reports to the Director for Conference and Event Services and is responsible for overseeing compliance with policies and protocols applicable for holding conferences, camps, programs, and events.  This includes policies and protocols relating to minors, alcohol, animals, merchandise sales, food trucks, and other areas as needed.  The ECM will work in tandem with University event planners, within the department and across the University, serving as the primary resource for compliance matters that are inherent in the events community.  While the initial focus of the role will be the continued roll-out of the recently created Policy for Programs Involving Minors, the ECM will also serve as a subject matter expert on other identified areas of compliance, in addition to those listed above, guiding the events community into compliance with all aspects of event production held on campus. 


The ECM will provide leadership on important aspects of event planning with respect to minors, alcohol, animals, merchandise sales, food trucks, and will support and/or lead committees and subcommittees related to these areas.  The ECM will conduct learning and development sessions related to the event compliance portfolio.  The ECM may be asked to make specific location/facility recommendations for events and programs that present a compliance related issue.  The ECM must be very familiar with the University physical space and is tasked with recommending spaces that are most suitable for each type of event.  


In addition, the ECM will be called upon to plan events and to consult with event planners across campus.  There will be occasions when the ECM will be asked to manage all aspects of planning and executing a complex conference or event.  In these cases, the ECM will manage all logistical components including venue selection, venue layout and set up, catering, transportation arrangements, accommodations, dining arrangements, audio/visual equipment orders, wayfinding materials, the management of support staff, and financial management for internal and external clients. 


This position is a three-year term, benefits eligible position. 


A full job description will be furnished prior to interview. 


  • Minors:
    • Establish and maintain a youth protection program based upon University policy and established best practices for internally sponsored programs involving minors. 
    • Provide guidance, information, best practices, and criteria for external third-party programs that utilize University facilities for programs involving minors.  
    • Communicate policies and awareness to external programs.  
    • Provide information to program administrators to protect youth participants in University sponsored programs. 
    • Manage the background check process for program staff (faculty, staff, and students) who have care, custody, and control of a minor(s) participating in a University sponsored program. 
    • Confidentially, and in conjunction with the department of Human Resources, address any concerns that arise from background checks and make appropriate hiring decisions as necessary. 
    • Develop and maintain an online inventory and tracking mechanism for all programs and activities involving minors in University sponsored programs and activities. 
    • Generate and circulate weekly reports of upcoming activities for programs involving minors to the Department of Public Safety. 
    • Coordinate efforts with various departments and offices to promote best practices in administering protective measures for minors engaged in University programs. 
    • Provide guidance on the interpretation of applicable policies, as well as federal and state laws surrounding the protection of minors, with consultation from the Office of General Counsel. 
    • Raise awareness for compliance with University standards for the protection of minors through awareness building and education. 
    • Serve on University committees representing minor protection concerns. 
    • Serve as the Secretary for the Minors Oversight Committee quarterly meeting keeping detailed minutes and vote tallies as required by the MOC Charter. 
    • Assist with general compliance functions, including marketing efforts, training, and investigations, and monitoring. 
    • Assist Environmental Health & Safety, communicate policy guidance and best practices with respect to hosting minors in research facilities.  


  • Alcohol: 
    • Advise event planners who are serving alcohol about adhering to New Jersey Laws, University Policy, and general safety in conjunction with the Department of Public Safety, Risk Management, and the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students. 
    • Manage the process for securing the necessary New Jersey Alcoholic Beverage Control (NJ ABC) temporary permits for alcohol service on campus.  Keep accurate records of alcohol permits. 
    • Guide campus event planners on the amount and types of alcoholic beverages that are acceptable to serve at University events. 
    • Make event planners aware that special insurance policies (TULIP) may be required as deemed by the University’s Office of Risk Management. 
    • Periodically attend events involving alcohol to support adherence to applicable policies and guidelines. 
    • Provide post event follow-up action plans for events that do not adhere to the policies and guidelines. 


  • Animals: 
    • Advise faculty, staff, and students on suitable location options for including animals in their event.  
    • Provide guidance to determine whether or not permission can be granted to include animals in an event, based on whether or not they support an educational component of the conference, meeting workshop, or event. 
    • Educate the campus community on the distinction between including animals as an educational component of their event versus that of service animals, support animals, or research animals; all of which are not included in the ECM portfolio. 
    • Provide pre-approved organizations/vendors who may be invited to campus without additional vetting. 
    • Seek input from campus partners in Environmental Health and Safety, Department of Public Safety, Risk Management, University Veterinarian, Transportation and Parking Services, Communications, and other departments as needed. 
    • Periodically attend events involving animals to be helpful and to support adherence to relevant rules and regulations. 


  • Merchandise Sales:
    • Make event planners aware that there are restrictions to the merchandise that can be sold during the course of a conference, meeting, workshop, or event. 
    • Advise event planners on the University Policy and New Jersey sales tax laws regarding the sale of books, records, compact discs, and other taxable goods at conferences, meetings, workshops, and events. 
    • Provide guidance on accepting cash payments, as well as credit card payments for merchandise sales at conferences, meetings, workshops, and events with strict adherence to money handling procedure and PCI compliance. 
    • Coordinate with the Office of Finance and Treasury regarding Point of Sale (POS) technology. 
    • Advise internal and external clients that interact with Conference and Event Services on the necessity to collect NJ sales tax and how to secure a NJ retailer to assist in taxable sales. 
    • Periodically visit conferences, meetings, workshops, and events where merchandise is being sold to support adherence to relevant rules and regulations. 


  • Food Trucks: 
    • Advise faculty, staff, and students on suitable locations for food trucks, hired as caterers, for various University events. 
    • Consult with campus partners including Transportation and Parking Services, Campus Dining, Community and Regional Affairs, Communications, Department of Public Safety, Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities, and Risk Management, as needed, on topics including overall food service, as well as the placement of food trucks to insure the safety of participants and University property. 
    • Assist with the execution of permit applications for fire, health, food handling, tents, etc. 
    • Assist with food truck logistics related to accessing campus and the final destination. 
    • Assist with access to water, electricity, recycling, and trash.  
    • Periodically attend events where food trucks are being utilized to support adherence to relevant rules and regulations. 


  • Conference and Event Management: 
    • Serve as a University representative and manager for academic conferences that attract between 50-400 participants per conference. 
    • Manage administrative conferences, meetings, retreats, and workshops that utilize University resources and attract between 30-100 participants. 
    • Advise and coordinate with campus service providers for necessary program support services, including room reservations, parking and transportation planning, audio/visual services, food/beverage service, security, and other related needs. 
    • As needed, attend events and provide managerial supervision and direction prior to, during, and after the event is completed to make certain the clients needs are met and to support adherence to University policies and standards. 
    • Provide on-site registration management at events, including signage, folders, nametags, conference information packets, vendors, registration tables, AV support, and staffing requirements. 


Communications & Outreach:

  • Participate in relevant professional organizations and maintain up-to-date knowledge on matters related to minor protection. 
  • Attend academic and administrative departmental staff meetings to promote and share the Program Involving Minors Policy and compliance related to other areas with the ECM portfolio. 
  • Periodically attend events and programs involving minors to support adherence to the Program Involving Minors Policy. 
  • Liaise with Community & Regional Affairs, ODUS, PACE, and ORL, as well as other departments who are most likely to host events with compliance related elements contained within the ECM portfolio. 
  • Serve as the University liaison with state, county, and local governments as it relates to applications, licenses, reporting, or other requirements for hosting programs involving minors. 
  • Host and lead the Minors Protection Working Group meetings providing updates to the policy, changes in federal or state laws, and other pertinent information for administrators who host programs involving minors. 
  • Provide periodic reports to the Minor Protection Policy Group; work with Risk Management, Human Resources, Office of the General Counsel, Department of Public Safety, and other applicable areas, including academic and administrative leadership, to recommend and apply updates to policies and procedures that impact minor protection. 
  • Attend Environmental Safety and Risk Management (ESRM) committee meetings on an as needed basis to update the ESRM on the success and challenges of the Policy for Programs involving Minors. 
  • Develop and maintain website content related to the ECM portfolio in order to build awareness and provide education. 
  • Effectively handle confidential and sensitive matters. 
  • Attend academic and administrative departmental meetings and share compliance related information and resources. 
  • Participate in Level 1 and Level 2 Emergency calls on an as needed basis. 


Learning and Development:

  • Participate in the annual Events Planning 101 workshop and other learning and development programs, and share the areas related to compliance, especially Minors Protection and how event planners can get assistance in these areas. 
  • Arrange and lead workshops for event planners with respect to compliance related matters.  Interact with relevant subject matter experts; create and deliver learning and development programs, educational resources, presentations, and other communications to units sponsoring programs involving minors, alcohol, animals, merchandise sales, and food trucks. 
  • Collaborate with Higher Education Protection Network (HEPNet) colleagues to gather learning and development resources, and evaluate resources and their usefulness at Princeton. 
  • Develop learning and development modules that are designed for faculty, staff, students, and volunteers with respect to the level of care, custody, and control of minors, as well as other compliance related matters. 
  • Evaluate learning and development efforts for efficacy and structure and take corrective actions when necessary. 
  • Provide background and guidance to the University community on child abuse or acts of child abuse and the obligation to report such abuse to the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services. 

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree. 
  • 3-5 years of responsible administrative experience. 
  • Experience in a customer service focused environment. 
  • Experience with project implementation including promoting, advocating, and ensuring completion of project goals. 
  • Experience with promoting, advocating, and enforcing institutional policies or guidelines. 
  • Experience with conducting learning and development programs. 
  • Experience with writing communications and leveraging technology to educate and build awareness. 
  • Demonstrated ability to learn and adopt new software, adapt to new business processes, and make innovative contributions in a team-oriented atmosphere. 
  • Demonstrated ability to build effective partnerships and work collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders. 
  • Demonstrated ability to work with minimal supervision, demonstrating strong initiative and follow-up with a focus on details.  
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, team centered environment with competing demands. 
  • A high degree of personal/professional ethics, as well moral courage and fortitude. 
  • Positive attitude and a responsive disposition. 
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills; diplomacy and discretion are essential. 
  • Excellent presentation / platform skills. 
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point). 
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule, which may include evenings and weekends.  
  • Valid Driver’s License. 


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Directly related experience with programs involving minors. 
  • Work experience in a University setting with responsibility for policy enforcement and awareness-building. 



Princeton University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. EEO IS THE LAW

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