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Deadline: 15 Jun 2023

Churchill Northern Studies Centre
Churchill, Manitoba
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The Churchill Northern Studies Centre is a non-profit research and experiential education facility in Canada’s remote subarctic, just outside of Churchill, Manitoba. Job Description The Programming Assistant works with the Program Coordinator to deliver general education and youth programming. This position involves working with adult learners, seniors, and youth in various capacities. Supervisor: Programming Coordinator, or designate Classification: Seasonal, Full Time Term of Employment: June - November 15, 2023 Job Responsibilities 1. Programming a. Assisting with delivery and evaluation of adult non-credit and youth educational programs. b. Preparation of guest and information materials. c. Assisting with the arrival and departure of educational clients. d. Conducting safety briefings, facility orientation tours, indoor activities, and outdoor walks. e. Working with course instructors and local presenters. f. Assisting with the delivery of programming (accompanying groups into town or on land/ water excursions). g. Assisting with the "Traditional Foods Night" (closing celebration evening for Learning Vacation groups). h. Managing the general email accounts. i. Assist In creating programming for unfavourable weather conditions. j. Supporting paperwork for incoming guests/ groups. k. Conduct day programming independently. 2. Social Media, Blog Posts & Communications a. Represent CNSC on their social media platforms (i.e., Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). b. Assist with CNSC website and data bank editing and maintenance. c. Proactively communicate with our audience, responding to comments in a timely manner. d. Create or facilitate blog and other social media posts. 3. Other Duties a. Front desk workstation support (managing phone, giftshop and visitors). b. Assisting with fundraising initiatives for the Centre. c. Other duties as required.
JOB REQUIREMENTS The Programming Assistant must be: a team player willing to work periodic long hours, on flexible schedules, and for the betterment of the CNSC in good physical condition and prepared to spend several hours a week in demanding physical environments characterized by wide temperature ranges, long hours of sunlight, insect pests, and the threat of dangerous wildlife. comfortable communicating to, and working with large groups. capable of absorbing large amounts of natural history information in a short period. willing to undergo a criminal background check to work with children. the ability to independently work and manage large groups Minimum Qualifications The ideal candidate would have at least one year in an undergraduate co-operative education program to qualify for co-op funding, in a program focusing on one or more of the following: education, business, outdoor recreation, tourism, hospitality natural history (i.e., biology, wildlife management, geography, environmental studies) or a similar field. Preference will be given to applicants who reside in Churchill and surrounding communities and to Indigenous applicants. Applications can be submitted via email to Please quote job title in cover letter or subject line. Note: Must be eligible to work in Canada
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