Director of Research Service Facility, Genome Research Core - RRC (Job ID #139128)

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Collaborate with and support researchers from across the campus, and external customers, by providing support and guidance in experimental design, laboratory methodology, sample preparation, data collection and analysis.

Oversee GRC financial management, including budget allocation of resources, billing for services rendered, specification and contract negotiation for purchase of new instrumentation and hiring of support personnel in collaboration with the VCR.

Work collaboratively to support university-wide core facility strategic initiatives and executes duties within the regulatory, policy and compliance guidelines as set forth by the university.

Work closely with OVCR Finance on issues related to validation of recharge center models for core facilities as well as other core facility compliance issues.

Assist and advise UIC researchers and external users who require the services of the GRC, as well as train and advise research staff, students, and faculty members in using GRC instrumentation as required.

Serve in an advisory/referral capacity for researchers to promote services offered within our GRC, services offered within our collaborative network of universities, and at commercial vendors.

Maintain up-to-date and organized short-term sequencing data storage and collaboration pipelines. Ensure the timely delivery and analysis of genomic data to researchers.

Provide collaboration and support documentation for funding opportunities and assist investigators with experimental design.

Develop and implement best-practice procedures for genome-based sample analysis to deliver state of the art services in an efficient manner.

Develop and implement a strategic plan for genome-based resource development in the sciences to assure program sustainability and leading edge services.

Develop appropriate instrumentation maintenance schedules, maintain service contacts with instrument manufacturers, and supervise those who will maintain and repair the service facility’s instruments.

Advise the VCR, as a subject matter expert, on current developments in technology and methodology pertaining to research services related to the improvement of analysis, measurements and data interpretation.

Train and supervise faculty, research and senior research specialists, graduate and undergraduate students in research techniques, use of laboratory equipment, computer data analysis programs and software relevant for genome sciences.

Formulate procedures for greater efficiency, reproducibility and accuracy of analysis, synthesis and/or production, and assure user input to the lab with respect to future plans and appropriate goals by interfacing with the GRC Faculty Director and Faculty Advisory Panel.

Work with UIC researchers to apply for external funding for the acquisition of new and updating of existing instrumentation. Collaborate with UIC principal investigators to write proposals to granting agencies in support of new instruments, facilities, and technology development pertinent to genome sciences.

Work with national organizations such as ABRF to ensure best practices for genome-related shared services or facilities, and with research funding agencies and foundations to identify funding opportunities in areas supported by service facility.

Coordinate marketing of services offered by the GRC to potential users both on and off campus, in university and industry settings.

Plan, assign and review work of staff to ensure that group objectives are met. Hire, train, develop and manage staff to ensure that a qualified staff exists to meet group objectives.

Perform other related duties and participate in special projects as assigned.

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