Development Operations Engineer

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Location: Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA



The newly formed Cancer DataSciences group at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and UCLA JonssonCancer Center is seeking a Programmer/Analyst with extensive research anddevelopment experience. The successful candidate will be working with a diverseteam of Data Scientists, developing new quantitative strategies to improve ourunderstanding and ability to treat cancer. Programmer/Analysts in our team arepassionate about applying their knowledge of software development and design toimprove scientific research. They develop scalable and distributed softwaresolutions that maximize utilization of both local high-performance computerinfrastructure and a growing set of cloud-based assets. Our datasets compriseseveral petabytes, and are growing rapidly, creating fascinating problems instorage, access, parallelization, distributability, optimization,containerization and core algorithm design. This requires a strong backgroundin computer science, providing a platform for technical leadership, but linkedto strong personal communication and leadership skills, to help ensure insightsare broadly adopted. The successful candidate will be helping us performresearch that will transform the lives of cancer patients. Your responsibilities will bewide-ranging, and include an emphasis on using design, analysis and programmingskills to create systems that improve code quality and boost productivity ofthe entire team. You will help drive professional level design and developmentpractices throughout the entire team, and serve as a local point of expertisefor workflow optimization and containerization. You will typically have one ortwo major and several minor projects at any point in time, making appropriateprioritization, time management and reporting across these. We are in a rapidgrowth phase, and the successful candidate will be involved in hiring,recruiting, onboarding and mentoring junior data scientists and softwareengineers. You will have experience in either data-intensive research andsoftware engineering, or in a large-scale professional software engineeringenvironment. Salary range: $76000.00-$150200.00 Annual



* Extensive applied software-engineering experience (3 years minimum, 5 years preferred) * Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering or Computer Science (highly desired) * Detailed working knowledge of C++, Perl or Python programming/scripting design * Working knowledge of software development tools and CASE tools * Strong verbal, interpersonal, and written communication skills * Experience with the full software development process including gathering requirements, turning them into a design, implementing the design, and validating the implementation against the original requirements. * Knowledge of LINUX/Unix operating system, and source-code versioning systems * Strong computer science knowledge, including software design patterns * Knowledge of SQL and data modeling * Working knowledge of containerization (e.g. Docker, Singularity) * Experience developing R-based code * Experience with machine-learning, bioinformatics and cancer or molecular biology * Knowledge of relational database software (e.g. Oracle, Postgres) * Familiarity with distributed programming * Understanding of core LAN networking protocols including ethernet, IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP

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