CO Medical Assistant

Updated: 6 months ago
Location: Maryland Line, MARYLAND
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: The position may have been removed or expired!

General Description

full-time position with Orthopedic Surgery; 40 hours per week; Monday – Friday
Duties and responsibilities relate to patient care in the ambulatory clinic environment. Function under the direct supervision and authority of the physician when performing clinical tasks during patient care. Report to the clinic manager, who is responsible for administrative supervision, staff development, and orientation of the MA to the area’s policies and procedures. Maintain an inventory of examination/procedure room supplies, assist in the organization of efficient patient flow, and organize clinic environment to assure patient safety. Demonstrate problem-solving skills as they relate to patient care activities, provides guidance for and acts as a role model for Medical Assistants in the clinical area.
Participate in the care of the patient, under the direct supervision of the physician and in collaboration with the healthcare team. Collect patient information and assessment data. Obtain and record patient’s vital signs (temperature, pulse, respirations, blood pressure, weight and height). Report assessment findings to practitioner and record on appropriate documentation forms in a timely manner. Obtain additional data from patient and significant other based on initial data collection. Perform chart review prior to clinic visit to obtain historical data. Monitor patient status recognizing and reporting abnormal findings or changes in condition. Organize patient care activities based on assessment findings. Confirm and clarify written orders prior to implementation of delegated tasks. Maintain and use principles of aseptic techniques and infection control when performing clinical duties and tasks. Under clinical supervision, perform delegated procedures common to the specialty area in a safe, effective, and efficient manner according to Clinical Practice Policy and Procedures. Assist practitioner in identified patient procedures/treatments/examinations, (preparation, positioning, supplies, equipment). Proactively problem-solve and identify solutions to barriers to safety. Appropriately obtain and manage specimens, including labeling, form completion, transport to laboratories, and log maintenance. Perform quality control for waived testing. Act as a “trainer” for waived testing and coordinate activities related to proficiency. Recognize emergency situations and implement emergency procedures according to clinic guidelines. Administer first aid, CPR, and maintain emergency equipment and supplies. Provide appropriate patient education, health information materials and community resource lists as Directed; maintain educational supplies. Identify patient’s need for additional information and refer to appropriate healthcare resources.
Unit Operations:
In close partnership with health care team, assure smooth and efficient patient flow and clinical operation. Assist patients to exam room and prepare patients for examination. Assist patients in wheelchairs and stretchers with transfers to and from exam tables, procedure tables, and scales utilizing proper body mechanics and safety measures. Identify patients with special needs. Direct patients with medical complaints who call or arrive to the clinic to the patient’s physician and/or emergency room for assistance. Order, stock, and maintain exam rooms and clinic areas with standard levels of supplies, medications, linens, nourishments, forms and equipment. Recognize patient care trends affecting unit supplies and notifies clinic manager. Operate clinical equipment according to equipment procedures including safety and quality control checks. Check clinic area and rooms for malfunctioning equipment and general maintenance problems on a regular basis. Report findings to appropriate person or arranges for repairs as required. Ensure that soiled linen, needle containers and potentially infectious waste are appropriately disposed and removed from the clinic and exam area according to the infection control guidelines. Perform related and delegated tasks, which include requests for prescription refills, taking and relaying messages, directing patient flow and running errands. Work with healthcare team to assure smooth and efficient patient flow and clinical operation. Problem solve obstacles to throughput process and notify manager and patients of wait time.
Responsibility in Medical Assistant Role:
Identify self-learning needs related to job description and seek out appropriate resources to meet learning needs. Act as a resource and preceptor for medical assistants. Display responsible behaviors, communicates effectively to others and functions as a member of the healthcare team. Participate in staff meetings by providing constructive input and facilitating problem-solving. Identify opportunities for performance improvement and provide input for the development of solutions. Identify and use a variety of resources to validate patient care decisions.
Perform other duties as required.

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