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812000:SPH: Biostatistics


Job Description

JOB DESCRIPTION: Develops and analyzes a variety of research data using statistical methods. Assists researchers in developing appropriate study protocols and computer analyses. Manages computer systems, writes programs, and trains others in the use of systems. Provides statistical expertise in the areas of study design and data analysis to investigators/researchers interested in conducting clinical or experimental studies. Works effectively within a group setting in areas of design of data collection instruments, study design, database management, statistical programming, analysis of data, statistical graphics, and writing of reports which include explanations of methods used and interpretation of results obtained. Consults with investigators to determine questions of interest and data needed to address those questions. Determines and carries out appropriate statistical analyses. Interprets and presents data descriptions and analysis results including the explanation of statistical techniques used, the assumptions made and the generalization of results. Documents methods and results through preparation of interdepartmental memoranda and reports. Performs related responsibilities as assigned. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: A bachelor's degree in statistics, biostatistics, computer science, or a related field and two years related experience, OR an equivalent combination of education, training, and/or experience. DATE CREATED/MODIFIED/REVIEWED: 10/8/10 JB

Operating Unit/Division

School Of Public Health

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Preferred Qualifications

Experience with SAS is essential. Experience with REDCap and R, and other data analysis languages are preferred. Experience in global health research, database experience and familiarity with the Spanish language would be very helpful for this position.

Additional Job Details

Database development, SAS programming, quality control, source document verification and data analysis.
This posting involves work in a global health setting and may require travel and communication with research teams in India, Rwanda, Peru, and Guatemala. They will travel 1 to 4 times per year and will stay around a week each trip.

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