Bioinformatics Specialist (Job ID #138463)

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Bachelor's degree in a biological sciences or related field required. Master's degree in biological sciences, informatics or a related field preferred.

2 years specific experience in DNAsequencing/microarray informatics.

Experience with the Linux &/ or Unix computing environments required and previous experience implementing processes in a high-performance computing cluster desired.
Proficiency in Python, Perl, R, Bash, or other programming or scripting language required.

Experience in handling of diverse bioinformatics needs of scientists, and demonstrated
understanding of sequence analysis methods required, include methods for:

  • Transcriptomics (RNA-seq, miRNA-seq, single-cell RNA-seq)
  • Genomics (variant calling, genome assemblies)
  • Epigenomics (ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq, bisulfite-size) Metagenomics (amplicon or shotgun approaches)

Experience in statistical analysis, machine learning, and data visualization as applied to the biological sciences.

Experience in systems biology and network analysis.

Ability to communicate effectively with bioinformatics peers and non-technical scientific collaborators.

Experience with instructing scientists on the use of computational biology tools and analyses. 

Knowledge of commercial, and publicly available bioinformatics tools and data sets.  Successfully demonstrated communication, writing and organization skills.

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