Bioinformatics Analyst

Updated: 3 months ago
Location: Tuskegee Institute, ALABAMA

Job Description

JOB DESCRIPTION: Maintains software, hardware and the network in a bioinformatics setting or molecular modeling laboratory. Supervises regular updates and recommends state-of-the-art enhancements. Analyzes high throughput screening data and performs structure activity analyses to generate predictive correlations. Applies a limited range of molecular modeling tools to refinement of high throughput screening hits. Presents the models in a form that allows users to make decisions concerning the direction of an experimental program. Performs related responsibilities as required. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: A master's degree in chemistry, biochemistry, bioinformatics or related field. Two years of experience in bioinformatics and/or computational chemistry. DATE CREATED/MODIFIED/REVIEWED: 09/03/09 DRS

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