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Job Type: FullTime
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The Executive Director for the Cornell Cooperative Extension Association of Cayuga County represents and is accountable to the Association Board of Directors and the Director of the Cornell Cooperative Extension System. The Executive Director is expected to be an effective leader, helping to develop and project a compelling and contemporary vision for extension programming to stakeholders, both internal and external. The Executive Director must be engaged with decision makers both locally and at Cornell in order to be effective.
The Executive Director is expected to provide high level administrative leadership and management of the Association as well as high-level program development and delivery for one of the following core programming areas: (Agriculture or Environment) within Cornell and local policy direction. The Executive Director develops and maintains effective working relationships among the staff, other Extension Associations, the Central, Nassau and North Country Region Shared Business Network, Extension Administration, Cornell faculty, and stakeholders. This position will build positive relationships with legislators, local government leaders, community leaders, funding agencies, and civic groups. The Executive Director exercises professional judgment and executive skills in administering overall Association operations. This position provides leadership in overall educational program development and implementation, establishes program priorities, and provides leadership for the ongoing development of a welcoming and inclusive organizational climate for diversity, and program integration across disciplines and within the broader Extension System. The Executive Director is expected to develop enhanced revenue streams to sustain and grow Association programming. This position will also serve as leader of the identified core program area and will provide limited direct programming as required.



All applicants must apply online by close of day on May 20, 2019 to be considered for this position. All applicants must complete an application packet, which includes: cover letter, resume and three (3) references.

All External Applicants (including applicants currently employed by Cornell Cooperative Extension in Associations other than the Association advertising this career opportunity) must submit his/her application materials via the "APPLY" button located within this job posting.

All Internal Applicants (current employees working for the Association advertising this career opportunity) must apply online via his/her Workday account, which may be accessed here:

Please contact Tracy Sanford, Human Resources at with questions. 


This position is a full-time exempt position - 100% FTE. The Annual Salary will range from $60,000 to $65,000. This position, based on eligibility, offers a comprehensive benefit package, to include: health and dental insurance, retirement, vacation, sick and personal leave.


Required Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree in Management, Agriculture, Environment, or related Cooperative Extension programming area.
  • Minimum of six (6) years of progressively responsible experience, including at least three (3) years in Cooperative Extension or a closely related field of employment. (PhD may substitute for 2 years of experience.)
  • At least four (4) years of substantive leadership and management responsibilities including human resources, finance, and organizational management.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the operation, philosophy, and objectives of a non-formal education system such as Cooperative Extension.
  • Demonstrated ability in strategic planning, and the ability to establish and communicate goals and objectives, and to set meaningful and achievable Plans-of-Work.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of effective management practices and procedures, including a working knowledge of fiscal planning, budget development and management, proposal writing, and personnel management.
  • Demonstrated ability to staff, develop, motivate, and work with personnel (paid staff, board, committees, and implementation volunteers).
  • Demonstrated ability to work with the general public, community leaders and government officials, and to assess local community issues.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of fund development, grantsmanship and revenue enhancement.
  • Demonstrated effective use of varied oral and written communication methods (e.g., radio, TV, print, computer, and meetings).
  • Demonstrated experience working with diverse populations, contributing to organizational diversity efforts, and/or evidence of cultural competence.
  • Demonstrated ability to respond decisively, accurately, confidently and courteously to challenges and opportunities.
  • Working knowledge of state-of-the-art technology and the ability to apply it to administrative and educational functions.
  • Success in integrating diversity in the major duties outlined in the position description or demonstrated equivalent transferable skills to do so.
  • Valid NYS Driver’s License and the ability to meet travel requirements associated with this position.
  • Ability to meet acceptable background check standards (DMV and criminal background checks).
  • Ability to work flexible hours which may include evenings and/or weekends, as appropriate.
  • Ability to transport supplies and equipment with or without accommodation.
  • Ability to clearly communicate and to read and write in English.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Substantial coursework and/or experience in education preferred.
  • Substantial training or experience with applied research, non-formal education and/or public outreach
  • Knowledge and experience in agriculture, nutrition, healthy living and youth educational programming.
  • Willing to become a visible community member/leader of Cayuga County.


Program Responsibilities:

Development - 10%

  • Provide overall program leadership in the application of subject matter knowledge to develop educational strategies in the Agriculture and/or Environment programming area.
  • Develop/create high quality educational program materials to address the needs of the program and program participants in the Agriculture and/or Environment programming area using proven educational methodologies as well as innovative techniques to reach diverse target populations within the community and region.
  • Develop relationships with partner agencies, organizations, industries, and community leaders in order to obtain their assistance in program development.
  • Based on program evaluation data, formulate and implement specific strategies to improve overall program quality, deliverables and impact and meet the need of diverse program participants.
  • Research, identify and select existing resources for use in Agriculture or Environment programming offerings.
  • Ensure that program development and program structure are within both the Association and the state-wide Plan of Work and that they meet the diverse needs of program participants.
  • Maintain direct connection with Cornell University faculty and other Land Grant Universities as appropriate, for guidance in program development.

Delivery - 5%

  • Serve as subject matter expert in the Agriculture and/or Environment program area for staff, volunteers, participants, community organizations, general public and professionals working within the county and the region.
  • Provide overall program leadership in the delivery of innovative and multi-disciplinary program efforts utilizing a variety of teaching methods, including formal and informal workshops, seminars, social and mass media consistent with identified educational needs.
  • Consult and utilize target audiences/stakeholders, collaborators, organizations, agencies, government, and other key partners in program delivery efforts.
  • Provide overall program leadership to foster acceptance of programs, methods and policies to address community and individual needs and consider diverse audiences.
  • Maintain direct linkage with Cornell University faculty, program units and other Land Grant Universities as appropriate for program delivery guidance.
  • Provide overall program leadership to ensure program delivery is within the scope of the statewide and Association Plan of Work.
  • Provide limited direct programming for the Agriculture and/or Environment program as required.

Evaluation - 5%

  • Provide overall program leadership in the application of subject matter knowledge to evaluate educational programming.
  • Provide overall program leadership in the design and creation of program evaluation framework.
  • Implement program evaluation and analyze collected program evaluation data.
  • Communicate evaluation results and findings to constituents as appropriate. 
  • Ensure program evaluation is within the scope of the statewide and Association Plan of Work.

Administrative Responsibilities:

Direction - 45%

General Direction

  • Vision, Mission and Strategies – Working with the Board of Directors, the Executive Director will encourage and ensure local application and engagement with the CCE mission, vision and values.
  • Regional Operations – Actively pursue opportunities to expand program capacity, improve administrative efficiency, and reduce operation expenses with other CCE Associations.

Program Direction

  • Oversee the creation of the Association Plan of Work, within the scope of the CCE statewide Plan of Work, to guide the work and desired outcomes of Association programs.
  • Oversee the process of interpreting Association program direction to assess, develop, plan and evaluate educational programs.
  • Oversee the process of interpreting University program direction to assess, develop, plan and evaluate educational programs; facilitate connections between University staff/faculty and Association program staff.
  • Provide leadership for the program development process, including the establishment of priorities, a staffing plan, resource acquisition and allocation, and the evaluation process, to assure program quality, to consider the diversity of the community, and to meet Equal Program Opportunity guidelines.
  • Design a system for ongoing involvement of citizens which expresses the demographics of the community.

Financial Direction

  • Establish fund development strategies in compliance with CCE standards and policies, in partnership with Board members and appropriate staff.
  • Oversee and lead the budget development process by engaging appropriate Board members and staff, and present to Board for approval.

Communications/Marketing Direction

  • Develop a shared Association vision, build understanding around the mission and develop appropriate goals and strategies to advance the mission.
  • Develop and/or enhance/expand relationships with appropriate agencies, organizations, industries and community leaders that help advance the mission and goals of CCE.
  • Oversee the development of a brand awareness that aligns with the CCE statewide Plan of Work.

Staffing Direction

  • Provide leadership for the identification of an appropriate human resources plan – paid and/or volunteer – to carry out the mission, vision and goals of CCE of Cayuga County.
  • Oversee professional development initiatives to ensure staff have the knowledge, skills and resources to effectively carry out their jobs.
  • Develop and uphold a culture of continuous learning.

Management - 30%

General Management

  • Solve problems and resolve conflicts that arise in the operation of the Association, utilizing appropriate policies and procedures.
  • Implement and administer policies established by Board of Directors.
  • Perform day to day management including compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and ensure risk management protocols are met.
  • Participate as an active member in the Central, Nassau & North Shared Business Network Administrative Management (AMG) meetings and other duties as specified in the MOU with CCE Administration and the approved Plan of Work.
  • Participate in CCE Executive Leadership Conferences and in regional meetings as scheduled; provide liaison and linkages between the Cornell Cooperative Extension System and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Cayuga County.
  • Lead the staff in the implementation of the Association’s strategic plan.
  • Ensure the adherence to all applicable local, state and federal laws and CCE policies.

Program Management

  • Provide oversight for the entire program cycle of the Association.
  • Delegate program management responsibilities to Extension Educators, as appropriate.
  • Oversee programs to ensure that educational content conforms to research base, policies and objectives of the Association and is research knowledge based.
  • Oversee the management of program activities within the Association Plan of Work.
  • Identify, develop, enhance and engage networks of volunteers and volunteer leaders.

Financial Management

  • Develop enhanced revenue streams to sustain and grow Association programming through a diversified fund development plan, such as appropriations, grants, capital campaigns, foundations, individual donors, corporate support, bequests, etc.
  • Ensure effective management and monitoring of Association resources in compliance with CCE standards and policies, in partnership with Board members and appropriate staff.
  • Monitor financial statements including fluctuations, trends and projections.
  • Assure solid planning and budgeting systems are in place, and that the organization’s Plan of Work and strategic plan serve as the basis for financial planning.
  • Ensure proper stewardship of funds through appropriate oversight including internal and external audits as necessary.
  • Present and promote budget to stakeholders.
  • Engage Board of Directors and appropriate staff to ensure all involved have a full understanding of the financial status of the Association.
  • Oversee internal controls and other financial policies and procedures.
  • Support the Board of Directors in carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities.

Communications/Marketing Management

  • Represent the Association(s) to a variety of constituencies, including alumni, friends, clientele, corporations, and foundations.
  • Monitor all electronic and print communications for content and adherence to CCE and other legal and regulatory requirements, including Equal Program Opportunity requirements.
  • Manage the implementation of the communications/marketing plan, including overseeing marketing and promoting program participation.
  • Oversee the process to develop and maintain effective working relations with legislators, local government leaders, community leaders, funding agencies, etc.
  • Oversee capital giving donor prospects.

Staffing Management

  • Effectively oversee the allocation and alignment of human resources to accomplish Association objectives.
  • Select, orient, lead and manage a staff of educators, office support personnel, and other staff as appropriate,
  • Evaluate and implement progressive human resource programs and procedures, as well as ensuring Equal Employment Opportunity.
  • Implement and manage human resource policies established by the Board of Directors, by Cornell Cooperative Extension, or by state or federal law.
  • Ensure all staff are provided with performance development goals/support, and ensure that written, formal performance reviews are completed on an annual basis.
  • Address any human resource issues that arise, engaging appropriate CCE or other resources as needed.
  • Ensure Association staff and volunteers are trained on mandatory topics, topics relevant to CCE expectations, and are given opportunities for professional development.
  • Ensure non-exempt staff timecards are reviewed and approved in a timely fashion.
  • Ensure staff leave time records are accurate and reconciled in a timely fashion.
  • Supervise direct reports; provide direct feedback on performance through formal and informal channels; conduct formal annual performance reviews for direct reports

Facilities Management

  • Oversee the maintenance of Association facilities and assets, such as property, vehicles, etc. including compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, delegating implementation as necessary.

Professional Improvement and Other Duties as Assigned - 5%

  • In cooperation with the Board President and State Extension Specialist, jointly develop and pursue a professional development plan as a means to increase competencies relative to position accountabilities and to address changes in programming and Association priorities.
  • Participate in all required orientation, training, and/or in-service meetings and trainings as scheduled/required.
  • Pursue personal growth through expanding personal knowledge of the total organization and through updating techniques and technical skills relating to the position.
  • Collaborate in activities that are in general support of Cornell Cooperative Extension including, but not limited to: attendance at staff meetings, timely reporting of expenses, working with other staff and constituents, general marketing of Cooperative Extension Programs, and other duties as assigned.

Health and Safety - Applied to all duties and functions.

  • Lead the Association to maintain a safe working environment.
  • Be familiar and strive to follow any applicable federal, state, local regulations, Association health and safety policy/procedure/requirement and standard.
  • Act proactively to prevent accidents/injuries and communicate hazards to supervisors when identified.

EEO/EPO and Policy - Applied to all duties and functions.

The Executive Director is responsible for understanding, supporting and implementing all CCE policies and procedures related to EEO and EPO compliance.In addition, the Executive Director is responsible for creating and sustaining an organizational culture that reflects CCE values and goals in diversity and inclusiveness.The following behaviors, attributes and actions are expectations of the CCE Association Executive Director:

  • Appreciate and embrace diversity in all interactions with clientele, staff, volunteers and the public.
  • Assist the Cornell Cooperative Extension System in reaching out to diverse audiences.
  • Seek out and take advantage of CCE professional development opportunities for yourself and for Association staff designed to increase awareness and skills in intercultural competency and diversity in all of its forms including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, age, the LGBTQ community, physical ability, mental health status and economic status.
  • Embrace and support overall CCE efforts to ensure that the staff, volunteers and CCE program participants are representative of the diversity of New York State.
  • Represent Cornell Cooperative Extension to the public, community leaders, colleagues, volunteers, members of Cornell University faculty and staff, government officials and the general public in a professional manner.
  • Aware of, and adheres to, established Cornell Cooperative Extension Association policies, procedures and Cornell Skills for Success.
  • Contribute to the overall success of the organization by performing all assigned duties in a professional, timely, and accurate manner.
  • At all times act in a professional Customer Service manner including but not limited to business-like demeanor, tactful communications, cooperative, helpful, positive and receptive manner.

Equal Opportunity Employment

Cornell Cooperative Extension is an employer and educator recognized for valuing AA/EEO, Protected Veterans, and Individuals with Disabilities.


Job Title:

Association Exec Director


No Grade - Annual

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Contract College

Contact Name:

Jerilynn Cross

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Cornell Cooperative Extension is a collaboration among Cornell University, the United States Department of Agriculture, the State of New York, and the residents of New York State.  Per NYS Law, county and regional extension service associations are subordinate government agencies.  This employment opportunity is with the entities listed and not with Cornell University.

Cornell Cooperative Extension is an employer and educator recognized for valuing AA/EEO, Protected Veterans, and Individuals with Disabilities.  Individuals who bring a diverse perspective and are support of diversity are strongly encouraged to apply.

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