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Updated: about 8 hours ago
Location: Bloomsburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Job Type: FullTime

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is seeking an Assistant Dean of Students. Reporting directly to the Dean of Students, the Assistant Dean's responsibilities include enforcement, oversight, and the continued administration and development of the university's disciplinary system, which includes the Student Code of Conduct, student mediation services, and training of hearing officers and mediators. The Assistant Dean will meet with students who have allegedly violated the student code of conduct to ascertain their level of involvement, adjudicate cases, and assign educational and/or developmental sanctions, as appropriate and develop and present workshops, as necessary. Additionally, the Assistant Dean of Students will serve as chairperson and has primary responsibilities for formal hearings of code of conduct. Final decisions will be made on a daily basis on issues/cases with the outcome possibly affecting a student’s future at Bloomsburg UniversityThis will include the type of discipline/sanction to be administered and also follow-up with that student to ensure that the student adheres to the sanction.

In addition to conduct-related duties, the Assistant Dean will assist in the coordination and participation of outreach, community service projects, and educational initiatives sponsored by the Dean of Students Office. The Assistant Dean assists with off-campus housing and commuter student programs, in addition to the advisement and coordination of the student mentor program. The Assistant Dean of Student will also serve as a crisis manager and responder to institutional and student emergencies. The Assistant Dean will work with a minimum programming budget and assist in the hiring, training, and supervising of the work-study students, graduate assistants, and interns.

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