Assessment & Evaluation Analyst

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Location: Maryland Line, MARYLAND
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: The position may have been removed or expired!

General Description

Oversees implementation of evaluation studies involving mixed-methods data collection, develops instrumentation for data collection, interprets results from data analyses, and writes technical reports, journal-quality papers, and proposals. Typical studies involve on-site data collection at K-12 schools via surveys, interviews, and observations, and therefore, experience and skills in communicating with principals, teachers, ad parents.

Essential job duties/responsibilities:

  • Will collaborate directly with the project PI and communicate regularly regarding project status.
  • Develop instruments such as surveys, interview protocols, and observation guides for collecting evaluation data from project sites (primarily schools).
  • Develop Statements of work (SOWs) and methodologies for data collection and analyses.
  • Oversee implementation of the evaluation studies via site visits, conference calls, and email communication.
  • Participate in development, testing and evaluation of manuals, questionnaires, and coding structures to ensure the accurate and efficient collection of data.
  • Participate as a member of a collaborative group study team in study design and analysis of data.
  • Participate with the team and the clients in planning follow-up studies and dissemination of results of completed studies.
  • Synthesizes, analyzes, and interprets data obtained from surveys, observations, interviews, and student achievement (or other) measures.
  • Prepares and writes detailed reports to clients and sponsors compiling and summarizing findings, and make recommendations for program improvements, policies, and follow-up research.
  • Writes proposals for independent program evaluations by CRRE in response to RFPs or sole-source requests from potential sponsors.
  • Conducts scholarly literature searches and reviews of prior research as needed for evaluation projects and papers.
  • Conducts interviews with high-level study participants, such as superintendents, organization CEOs, principals, and others as needed.
  • Conducts observations of schools and classes using standardized protocols, particularly involving uses of educational technology for instruction and learning.

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