Administrative Assistant, Graduate Programs & Services, Couple & Family Therapy Program & Center

Updated: 3 months ago
Location: Hammond, INDIANA

The Administrative Assistant for Graduate Programs & Services reports to the Program Director of the Couple & Family Therapy Graduate Program, with offices in the Couple & Family Therapy Center located Hammond, IN.  The Couple & Family Therapy Center is the training facility of the prestigious graduate degree in Couple and Family Therapy – known throughout the United States and internationally as a preeminent learning environment that has fostered some of the field’s most influential leaders.  Our Center provides couples, families and individuals with cutting-edge, evidence-based and research-informed treatment for effective therapy at an affordable cost.  This position will work closely with the Director, Faculty, and students in a wide-range of administrative and supportive capacities, including both academic-programmatic needs for the graduate program and support for the Couple & Family Therapy Center.

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