Adjunct Faculty, General Chemistry, Fall 2017

Updated: 12 months ago
Deadline: The position may have been removed or expired!

The Natural Sciences Department, Division of STEM and Education, invites applications for the following anticipated adjunct faculty vacancy for the Fall 2017 semester:

General Chemistry (CHE 103)

Location: Lynn Campus

Days/Times: Saturday 9:00 am - 11:50 am; 12:00 pm - 2:50 pm

Non-benefited, MCCC position

Pre: Communications Proficiency and MAT092 w/'C' or better or successful completion of MM12. This is a descriptive and quantitative general chemistry course designed for science and engineering majors. Topics include: introduction to measurement/significant figures/dimensional analysis/classification of matter, atomic structure/naming ionic and covalent compounds/nuclear processes, stoichiometry including molarity and balancing chemical equations, ionic equations including precipitation, acid-base, and oxidation-reduction reactions, gas laws, thermochemistry, quantum theory/electronic configurations/periodicity, chemical bonding/Lewis structures/resonance/valence bond/hybridization and molecular orbital theory (introductory), molecular geometry (VSEPR)/electronegativity, and other topics as needed. Laboratory work reinforces lecture concepts, and is intended to give students hands-on experience that will help them understand, appreciate, and apply chemical concepts. Fulfills open, liberal arts, and with CHE104, laboratory science sequence electives. (3 hours of lecture, 3 hours of lab per week)

Please refer to the Find Courses link on the College website for additional course descriptions.

Additional Information: 

Adjunct salaries are dependent upon the number of credit hours, currently $1066 per credit for first time faculty. This is a non-benefited, MCCC position.

Application Instructions:

Qualified candidates should submit a CV/resume along with a cover letter addressing your specific area of interest and your availability to teach weekend classes. Please address how your experience illustrates a commitment to working with a diverse student body of learners.

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