Adjunct Biology Instructor

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Location: Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

Position Description:

Course: BIOL116 Mechanisms of Life II Laboratory

2 sections: Tuesday & Thursday at 2:10-4:50 pm

The Adjunct will be asked to give the lecture portion of the lab ~30-45 minutes. There is a minimum of two teaching assistants assigned to guide the students during the experiments.

Semester Dates: January 10 – May 7, 2022

Course Description: This course focuses on the basic principles of molecular biology and genetic engineering that revolutionized biology and biotechnology. These include: DNA as the genetic material, plasmid vectors, restriction enzymes, PCR, and protein purification. It consists of a series of connected experiments, each hypothesis-driven that leads to an important result. GFP is used as a model gene/protein to test a series of hypotheses. The experiments are well integrated with the lectures such that the students will have a chance to test the concept learned in the classroom.


  • Introduction to Lab and Safety
  • Personal Genetics: PCR Determination of PTC Tasters: Cell Isolation and PCR
  • Personal Genetics: PCR Determination of PTC Tasters Restriction Enzymes/ Gel
  • Electrophoresis
  • Bacterial Transformation
  • Bacterial Transformation: Data Collection
  • GFP Chromatography: Cell Culture
  • GFP Chromatography: Cell lysis/ Protein Extraction/ Chromatography
  • SDS:PAGE: Sample Prep and Gel Run
  • SDS:PAGE: Visualization and analysis

Course Material: Lab manual and PowerPoint slides for this course will be provided.

Preferred Education and Experience:

  • Terminal degree preferred.
  • Teaching or training experience preferred.

To Apply:

Interested candidates should contact: Pamela Tuma Ph.D. at

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