Academic Program Administrator

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Location: Maryland Line, MARYLAND
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: The position may have been removed or expired!

General Description

The purpose of the Academic Program Administrator is to oversee the academic and financial workflow of the entire Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology Program office which includes supervising the program staff. This position reports directly to the Administrative Manager for the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Supervisor Duties

  • Coordinate work efforts and supervise two full-time Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology staff
  • Conduct interviews and make recommendations for hiring staff
  • Oversee staff termination process
  • Hold bi-weekly meetings with each staff member and/or regular staff meetings as needed
  • Train staff on new policies, procedures, and online resources; support training and development efforts through TMOD
  • Conduct regular performance evaluations and make recommendations for merit increases
  • Supervise time and attendance
  • Establish policies and procedures as needed for the staff

Academic Duties

  • Fulfill administrative needs for both of the Directors of Undergraduate Study (DUS) as well as the Chairs of the Neuroscience, Behavioral Biology, and BS/MS Programs
  • Meet bi-monthly with the Neuroscience Program Committee and the Behavioral Biology Program Committee; organize the agenda and complete meeting minutes
  • Communicate regularly with the Neuroscience Program Committee and the Behavioral Biology Program Committee on curriculum issues, students issues, etc
  • Serve as the sole administrative contact for both internal and external program inquires for both programs including national organizations and peer institutions
  • Serve as a liaison between the Medical School Campus and the Homewood Campus
  • Oversee the Neuroscience BS/MS Program from application process through graduation (approximately 7-10 students)
  • Compile information for reports and other sources of information for all 3 programs
  • Act as the one of the advisors for the Nu Rho Psi (NRP) Honor Society
  • Oversee Departmental Honors for the Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology majors and NRP Honors for graduating students
  • Act as a backup to the DUS for signing academic forms as needed
  • Assist the Psychological and Brain Sciences Administrative Manager with faculty new hires, appointments, and reappointments

Budget and Financial Administration

  • Develop and reconcile the operating budgets for the Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology Programs
  • Develop, reconcile, and coordinate stewardship for specific programming budgets (including the budgets for Making Neuroscience Fun, Nu Rho Psi Honor Society, and all endowment and award budgets)
  • Compile ad hoc financial reports for the programs as needed

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