12502 Research Specialist

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Location: North Wilkesboro, NORTH CAROLINA
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12502 Research Specialist  
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East Carolina University  
Job Summary:
The grant associated with this particular position seeks to determine whether a class of molecules, known as organic cations (e.g., metformin, berberine) alter mitochondrial bioenergetic efficiency in skeletal muscle and liver, and to determine whether the consequent changes in mitochondrial bioenergetic efficiency represent the underlying mechanism by which such compounds improve insulin sensitivity. This is highly significant, as understanding of the underlying mechanisms by which mitochondria sense and respond to the balance between energy intake and energy expenditure is necessary to devise the most effective preventive and treatment strategies for obesity and diabetes.
The work duties associated with the position reflect the advanced analytical instruments and specialized procedures conducted by the lab, the increasing need for specialized skills to maintain/trouble shoot equipment, the reliance on this person for specialized training of new personnel, and the need for this person to be able to independently design and execute studies and develop new techniques.
1. Designing with PI and conducting independently high resolution
respirometry and spectrofluoresense experiments on permeabilized
fiber bundles from rodent and human skeletal muscle. Includes
analyzing and evaluating data, statistical analysis and preparation
of figures for publication, interpretation of results relative to
literature, preparation and oral/written presentation of findings at
local and national meetings, writing and editing of manuscripts.
2. Training on all specialized equipment and procedures of new lab
personnel, supervision and oversight of all facets of data collection
and analysis of studies conducted by new graduate students and
post-docs; data collection, analysis, preparation of figures and
communication with collaborators from other universities (30%)
3. Laboratory management ? Directly executes and/or oversees all
aspects of operation of the laboratory including stock reagent
preparation, chemical and general laboratory supply inventory, all
ordering/receiving, equipment scheduling maintenance,
equipment/instrument repair, genotyping and oversight of
transgenic mouse colonies, and overall evaluation of laboratory
efficiency (25%)
4. Chemical and biological safety monitoring and regulatory
compliance (5%). Laboratory safety compliance involves knowing
and understanding safety rules and regulations, enforcing those
rules among personnel in the laboratory, maintaining weekly and
monthly laboratory safety inspection records, and maintaining
chemical inventory records.
Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor's degree in a discipline related to the area of assignment; or equivalent combination of training and experience.  
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