Senior Teaching Fellow (80192-047)

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Location: Warwick, ENGLAND
Deadline: 21 May 2017

Vacancy Type/Job category
Teaching Only
£39,324-£46,925 per annum
The University of Warwick - Coventry
Vacancy Overview
Permanent Position
Economics is one of the leading Economics Departments in the UK and Europe and is continuing to thrive.
We are seeking an enthusiastic individual who prides themselves on their teaching excellence and is committed to continuous professional development.
Job Description
Job Purpose
Undertake teaching in order to support the work of the department and develop and enhance its teaching reputation, both internally and externally. Design teaching material and deliver either across a range of modules or within a subject area. Undertake additional activities which promote student recruitment and enhance the student experience for those based in Economics, through student progression, monitoring, promoting study skills and broader student engagement.
Duties and Responsibilities
Research and Scholarship
• Engage in subject, professional, pedagogic and practitioner research and other scholarly activities.
• May conduct individual or collaborative scholarly projects.
• May be called upon to contribute to the identification of sources of funding and the process of securing funds for scholarly activities.
• Extend, transform and apply knowledge acquired from scholarship to teaching and appropriate external activities.
• Develop and produce learning materials and disseminate the results of scholarly activity.
Teaching and Learning Support
• Design teaching material and deliver either across a range of modules or within a subject area.
• Use appropriate teaching, learning support and assessment methods.
• Supervise undergraduate and postgraduate student projects, field trips and, placements, where appropriate.
• Identify areas where current provision is in need of revision or improvement.
• Contribute to the planning, design and development of objectives and material.
• Set, mark and assess work and examinations and provide timely feedback to students.
• Routinely communicate complex and conceptual ideas to those with limited knowledge and understanding as well as to peers using high level skills and a range of media.
• Have academic ownership for modules.
• Where required act as the leader of an element of study (such as a course, module, programme, etc), usually to a limited degree for example where it is a small programme.
• Challenge thinking, foster debate and develop the ability of students to engage in critical discourse and rational thinking.
Administration and Other Activities
1. Participate in pre-University phase activities including:
(i) Working with the University’s Student Admissions and Recruitment Office (SROAS) and Widening Participation (WP) team to identify and contact and liaise with schools and HE colleges in the local area and elsewhere which fall within the criteria for widening participation.,
(ii) Participating in University Open Days and Offer Holder Open Days.
2. Participate in at-University phase activities, including:
(i) Working with Director of Undergraduate (DUGS) and Director of Graduate Studies (DPGS) on induction week activities.
(ii) Work with Directors of Academic and Pastoral Support (DAPS) to have oversight of student progression by analysing attendance along with formative and summative assessments for students.
(iii) Work on developing key study skills within the degree programme, such as essay writing, presentations, data analysis, etc and facilitate pedagogical innovation within the curriculum.
3. Participate in post-University phase activities, including:
(i) Help support alumni relations to allow the Department to more fully understand where our graduates beyond their time at Warwick, in order to utilise their expertise and connections to further enhance the experience of our current cohorts along with the promotion of our programmes through their professional and personal networks.
4. Act as a personal tutor and be responsible for the pastoral care of students within a specified area.
5. Attend departmental meetings and to participate in other committees and working groups within the department, the Faculty and the University.
6. Participate in relevant professional activities.
7. Ensure compliance with health and safety in all aspects of work and, where appropriate, undertake risk assessments.

Person Specification

The Person Specification focuses on the knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications required to undertake the role effectively. This is measured by (a) Application Form, (b) Test/Exercise, (c) Interview, (d) Presentation.

Essential Criteria 1
Good honours degree and possession of a postgraduate degree in Economics. (E) (A)
Essential Criteria 2
Evidence of teaching excellence. (E) (A, C, D)
Essential Criteria 3
Sufficient breadth or depth of specialist knowledge in the discipline to develop teaching programmes and the provision of learning support. (E) (A, C)
Essential Criteria 4
Demonstrable capacity to offer excellence in innovative teaching coupled with the ability to share this best practice with colleagues (E) (A, D)
Essential Criteria 5
Engaged in continuous professional deveopment and intending to continue. (E) (A, C)
Essential Criteria 6
Familiarity with a variety of strategies to promote an assess learning. (E) (A, C)
Essential Criteria 7
Evidence of a capability to monitor and assess undergraduate student progression as well as to personally communicate feedback to students. (E) (A, C)
Essential Criteria 8
A demonstrable understanding of the wider student experience particularly in relation to welfare, student support, study skills, inernships and employability. (E) (A, C)
Essential Criteria 9
Understanding of equal opportuinty issues as they may impact on areas of teaching. (E)
Essential Criteria 10
Data analysis skills. (D) (A, C)
Essential Criteria 11
Poessession of a PhD or equivalent in Economics. (D) (A)
Desirable Criteria 1
Data analysis skills (A,C)
Desirable Criteria 2
Poessession of a PhD or equivalent in Economics (A,C)
Further Particulars
For further information about the University of Warwick, please read our University Further Particulars .
For further information about the department, please visit the departmental website .

Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy

As an organisation using the (DBS) Disclosure and Barring Service to assess applicants’ suitability for positions of trust, the University of Warwick complies with the DBS Code of Practice and undertakes not to discriminate unfairly against any subject of a Disclosure on the basis of a conviction or other information revealed. More information is available on the University’s Vacancy pages and applicants may request a copy of the DBS Code of Practice.

Closing Date
21 May 2017
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