Senior Scientist in Cancer Genomics

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Location: Oxford, ENGLAND
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 31 Jan 2021

Singula Bio is a spin-out seed-stage biotech company from the University of Oxford that is focused on developing novel neoantigen- based cell therapies targeting solid tumours. Singula Bio aims to become a world leader in Cell immunotherapy solutions for solid malignancies.

We seek a talented Scientist in Cancer Genomics preferably with prior industry experience to join the team. You should have a PhD, preferably in cancer genomics or prior established experience in cancer genomics. You should have extensive experience in handling primary human tissue and blood. Established experience in next generation sequencing and library preparation techniques for DNA and RNA sequencing is required. The ability to work with high throughput equipment including liquid handlers for miniaturisation is preferred. You should have established expertise in interpreting next generation sequencing results and validation of findings using downstream methodologies. A desire to learn and develop novel technologies is preferred. Familiarity with basic Bioinformatics and analysis pipelines of next generation sequencing is required. You should be a good team player who is willing to contribute to building a positive team-oriented culture at work place.

This position offers the opportunity to join a cell-therapy/immuno-oncology focused start-up from its inception, helping us to shape the therapeutic pipeline and to professionally develop with our company. Our platform provides a broad set of product opportunities across cell therapies for solid tumours but with an initial focus on TIL therapy. The position is suited for an ambitious scientist who is making the transition to become independent. There is great opportunity for support from an international team of translational researchers and immunologists including There is great opportunity for support from an international team of translational researchers and immunologists including Professor Ahmed Ahmed, Dr John Castle, Dr Alena Gross, Professor Mark Exley, Professor Mike Dustin and Professor Chris Yau.  There is a highly attractive salary and benefits package that will be individualised based on the experience of the scientist. Annual bonus and employee equity awards are discretionary and are based on meeting milestones. 

The role requires a scientist who is highly motivated, has superior communication and organizational skills, can work collaboratively as part of a high-performing team, and is a hands-on individual who can help shape our R&D organization through substantial anticipated progress and growth.

Primary Responsibilities: 

·       Work with Singula Bio’s co-founder, Professor Ahmed Ahmed, who is the WIMM laboratory head to lead research activities during the seed investment. 

·       Focus on translational efforts to establish TIL therapy for solid malignancies

·      Contribute to building a positive, team-oriented biotech culture

·      Guide the research team on translational efforts across Singula Bio’s activities.  

Design experimental plans to drive therapeutic candidates into early development. 

Engage with the team of Singula Bio’s researchers to review and interpret results and assist in shaping scientific direction  

Establish research plans to meet Singula Bio’s milestones by collaborating with a small internal team that is managing a variety of bioinformatics and biology activities. 

·      Design, develop and optimize next generation sequencing assays for comprehensive genomic characterisation of tumours

·      Proactively recognize and solve technical and scientific issues to ensure high quality data are generated for the progression of drug discovery projects

·      Document, analyze, interpret and present experimental data in a clear and concise manner

·      Build and maintain relationships with academic and industry scientific advisors 

·      Assist the company’s strategy in raising further investment by contributing to building a strong data-rich investor deck 

·      Assist in providing support and mentorship to junior members of the group.

·      Keep accurate records of experimental plans, work and results.

·      Be responsible for the careful storage and curation of project data to maximise usability and to ensure security.

·      Communicate with the group head on a regular basis, ensuring that they are kept fully up to date with progress and difficulties in the research projects.

·      Abide by the standard operating procedures and regulatory issues related to handling and working with human tissue, including undertaking mandatory training courses

Selection criteria


·      A PhD in a cancer-related subject

·      Extensive experience in handling human cancer tissue 

·      Established expertise in next generation sequencing including DNA sequencing and RNA sequencing

·      Experience in cryosectioning of cancer tissue

·      Established expertise in conducting quality control checks in sequencing library preparation 

·      Flow cytometry for phenotypic characterization of cancer cells

·      Demonstrate expertise in designing and implementing validation experiments for whole genome/ whole exome sequencing results using targeted sequencing

·      Growing primary cancer cells in culture 

·      Designing and performing reproducible cytotoxicity assays


  • Experience in biotech / pharma industry in assay and technology development, preferably in cancer genomics 
  • Proficiency in Statistical and bioinformatics analysis of whole genome sequencing results
  • Knowledge of using cluster computing environments.
  • Prior experience of conducting functional and pathway analysis
  • Previous role(s) in a venture-backed start-up
  • Willingness to learn and implement new laboratory techniques

Interested candidates please contact:

Professor Ahmed Ahmed < >  

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