Research Director in Environmental Seismology

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 31 Dec 2023

The Department of Geosciences and Geography  is the leading research and education unit in its field in Finland. In addition to research in geology, geophysics and geography, research into seismology and official duties in the field of seismology are carried out at the department.

The Institute of Seismology  belongs to the Department of Geosciences and Geography at the University of Helsinki. The Institute carrries out research, education, continuous Earth monitoring, and helps government and private organizations in their projects requiring seismological expertise. The institute is responsible for seismic monitoring in Finland and for providing seismic waveform and earthquake data products to international seismological data centres.

The Faculty of Science invites applications for a permanent position as a RESEARCH DIRECTOR IN ENVIRONMENTAL SEISMOLOGY starting from August 2024 or as agreed. The position is placed at the Institute of Seismology.

Position description

The research director develops interdisciplinary research within the field of environmental seismology and participates in national regulatory duties where seismological monitoring is used. The focus is on using seismological data for environmental monitoring and to study the interactions between seismic and aseismic processes evolving in the lithosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, atmosphere, and/or biosphere.

Method development involving seismological data integration and multi-disciplinary data inversion is expected. The University of Helsinki maintains an extensive network of permanent seismic stations, biological field stations, and atmospheric stations, making multidisciplinary data sets available for new research avenues.

A key element is the joint analysis of continuous or campaign seismic, solid earth geophysical, and environmental data collected by a variety of modern sensor and data acquisition systems. This includes the domestic infrastructures of the Finnish national seismic network and instruments of the Finnish Mobile Seismic Instrument Pool . Environmental data originate from research field stations including, ACTRIS , ICOS , LTER , AnaEE  and data distributed through EPOS  repositories.

The research director establishes a local research group, active research collaboration within the University of Helsinki, with national and international research institutes, and ideally with industry and the public sector.

The post involves limited thesis supervision and teaching is expected to occupy approximately one course per year within the Geoscience curriculum. All personnel take part in development and administrative tasks on the institute, department, faculty and university level.

Requirements for the position

A research director must hold an applicable doctoral degree and academic qualifications equivalent to those of a full professor. We expect a research director to conduct research on an internationally high level, to have demonstrated efficient leadership of a research group, to be successful in obtaining external research funding, and to demonstrate evidence of international research cooperation.

The successful candidate researches, develops, and applies environmental monitoring
strategies based on seismic methods; hence preference will be given to applicants who have experience in the computational analysis of variable space-time phenomena.

Fluent English skills are expected, and proficiency in Finnish provides a significant advantage. If the appointee is not proficient in Finnish, they are expected to acquire advanced level
skills (CEFR level B2 ) within five years after the appointment. The University will support the appointee in acquiring the necessary Finnish language skills.

What we offer

The salary for the position will be based on levels 8–10 of the job requirement scheme for teaching and research personnel in the salary system of Finnish universities. In addition, the appointee will be paid a salary component based on personal performance. The starting salary will be ca. 6400-7800€/month. There will be a normal six-month trial period for the position.

Finland is a member of EU, has high quality free schooling (also in English), generous family benefits and healthcare, and was recently ranked as the happiest country in the world. Finland and the Helsinki region possess top expertise in sciences in terms of a vibrant talent pool, leading research, strong support services and functioning collaboration networks. Please see more information about working at the university and living in Finland.

How to apply

Please submit your application, which includes the following pdf-documents in English:

  • A motivation letter describing your interest in the position including a one-page statement that describes your plans for environmental seismology research.
  • An academic portfolio in the format approved by the Faculty of Science (as described on ).
  • A list of publications (or a full publication list) and other relevant documents on competence and merits that the applicant wishes to be taken into account in the selection process.
  • External applicants: please submit your application to the University of Helsinki Recruitment System via the Apply Now button.

    Applicants who have a username and a valid employment contract, a grant researcher's contract, or a visiting researcher's contract at the University of Helsinki are requested to submit their application via the Employee login button.

    The University of Helsinki welcomes applicants of all genders, linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

    The deadline for applications is 31.12.2023

    Further information can be obtained from: 

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